Redfall: Only the host makes story progression in co-op

Redfall: Co-op shooter gets new trailer, release at the beginning of 2023 (1)

Last week developer Arkane Austin announced as part of the Xbox showcase another look at red case delivered. The new project of the Prey makers attaches great importance to the co-op mode, with which you can also go on a vampire hunt together. In an interview with IGN the team has now revealed more details about the co-op element of the game, while also revealing a small caveat.

Story progression in Redfall for the host only

Creative Director Harvey Smith announced that only the Host a co-op session also progress will do in story mode. Conversely, this means that later – as soon as you leave the lobby – you have to play the corresponding missions again in full if you want to advance in the story of the shooter. At least you can have yours Items and character progression keep that you collect as a guest in a co-op session.

However, there is also a reason why Arkane made this decision. So is red case an open world game where you have complete freedom where you want to continue the story of the title. The missions should have been divided into individual blocks if simultaneous story progress was the goal. However, one did not want to take the freedom of the players into account. Check out the Xbox Showcase trailer below.

Redfall: Vampire Action Gameplay Trailer – Xbox Showcase 2022

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