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After his alcohol freak, Ron Bielecki now publishes a video. In it, the influencer justifies and apologizes. Pietro Lombardi also speaks up.

Update from 06/11/2022: After Ron Bielecki’s alcohol escapade, in which he berated the security as “low earners” after a Rammstein concert, the DSDS star Pietro Lombardi is now reporting on Instagram. The singer writes: “My dear Ron Bielecki, I would like to convey one important thing to you. One should never forget where one comes from. Making fun of low earners and then in this day and age when it feels like it costs money to breathe is just weak.

Full name Ron Bielecki
birthday Aug. 24, 1998
Place of birth Berlin
Followers on YouTube 535,000 (as of June 2022)
Followers on Instagram 683,000 (as of June 2022)

After Ron Bielecki’s alcohol freak – Pietro Lombardi “We are all the same”

But Pietro Lombardi is not finished with his statement about Ron Bielecki. He further writes: “You should use your reach to encourage the very people who are having a hard time, not to drag them down further. I’m sure you’re not a bad boy, in fact quite the opposite, but you should be in control.

YouTuber Ron Bielecki is under a lot of criticism after his alcohol freak

© Instagram: Ron Bielecki/Pexels (montage)

The former DSDS jury member continues to write: “We are all the same, no one is better or worse just because you have more or less money. Point. Out of. End.
With that, Pietro made a clear announcement to Ron.

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First report from 06/10/2022: Berlin – Ron Bielecki has once again commented on his alcohol freak out during a Rammstein concert. In a four-minute video on Instagram, the YouTuber calmly explains how the scene came about. When he was thrown out of the concert by security, he repeatedly insulted them as “low earners” and worse. In his latest statement, he is insightful, but sometimes amused by his statements. Twitch streamers MontanaBlack and Unge also offer their take on the matter.

Ron Bielecki – Statement after alcohol freak: “I think it’s unfair”

This is what happens in the video: Ron Bielecki published a video on his Instagram channel on June 9, 2022, in which he explains how the freak out at the Rammstein concert came about. He apologizes for the first time after his performance: “I know my behavior that day was fucked up from A to Z. I’m sorry you had to experience me like this.In addition to harsher insults to security, the word “low wages“, which Bielecki used several times.

This is how Bielcki justifies himself: Bielecki is only partially insightful: “The word low income has been a meme for over a year and I jumped on this bandwagon. I respect every person and everyone who works hard to support their family.He also says that it is only because of his viewers that he has the privilege that his family no longer has to work. “I think it’s unfair that I’m being publicly portrayed as if it were different‘ he says in consternation. He has the word “low wages‘ only used out of anger and frustration to meet the other person in person – ‘which in hindsight was completely stupid.

Ron Bielecki: New statement after alcohol freak – “I think it’s unfair”

© Imago/Instagram: Ron Bielecki

Bielecki’s statement on his health: After his alcohol freak, the topic of Ron Bielecki’s health came up repeatedly – especially because of his heavy drinking in public. “I think it’s very nice that so many people care about me, but I also have a normal lifesays Bielecki. Then he adds, amused: “And I don’t piss 1500 euros, but urine‘ – then he has to laugh. It was one of the statements he made to security.

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Youtubers like MontanaBlack and Unge react to Ron Bielecki’s statement

Uns clear message to Bielecki: The streamer and youtuber Unge spoke after Ron’s first written statement to the situation when Bielecki justified himself more than apologized. “The low-income earners he insults are those who earn his living. These are the people he rips off with casino streams‘ is Unge’s tough announcement. Above all, he disapproves of Bielecki’s statement that one should not make an elephant out of a mosquito: “I never would have thought that Ron would manage to undercut my expectations.Unung has one wish:I hope he seeks help.

Rezo also shoots against Bielecki: Unge isn’t the only major Youtuber to comment on Ron Bielecki. Rezo also made a statement about Bielecki’s freak out. According to him, he has a completely twisted world view that “he’s better off simply because he’s lucky in life and has a lot of money.“The insults against”low wages“ go against the grain of Rezo: “You don’t just say that because the alcohol made you do it – it’s in you beforehand.

MontanaBlack meets with Bielecki: One of the best-known streamers and YouTubers in Germany, MontanaBlack, also commented early on after Ron Bielecki’s alcohol auraster. MontanaBlack even advised Bielecki to go into therapy to get his alcohol consumption under control. But now he met the Youtuber after Bielecki’s apology video and spent the day with him. It seems everything is settled between the two – Ron Bielecki even posted a photo with Monte on Instagram.

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