Starfield: Top 10 Highlights from the Xbox Showcase

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Starfield was presented at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase and here are the 10 highlights from the presentation.

Our jaws are still hanging on our desks after the Starfield presentation and we can’t really believe what kind of game Microsoft and Bethesda have in the making.

Starfield aims to be an epic RPG where you can be who you want and travel wherever and whenever you want – but that’s not all.

If you were amazed and missed all the information, here are the top 10 highlights from the presentation:

Starfield – Top 10 Highlights from the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase

  1. You can build your own spaceships and outposts in Starfield
  2. There is extensive character creation, with traits affecting skills and the skill tree
  3. At the start, over 1000 planets in several galaxies are waiting to be explored
  4. Real-time battles in space have been confirmed
  5. An extensive skill and craft system makes every journey special
  6. You can hire NPCs as crew members for spaceships and bases
  7. Dialogue in Starfield takes place in the first person perspective and your character has no voice
  8. There is a photo mode
  9. You can dock at space stations in space
  10. The game will be released in 2023 exclusively for Xbox & PC and in Game Pass – the main quest series alone should captivate you between 30 and 40 hours
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