Studio MDHR, the developer of Cuphead, comments on their future plans

Studio MDHR, the developer of Cuphead, comments on their future plans

Nearly five full years after its initial release date, cup head will finally get its huge DLC with the upcoming release of The delicious last dish Expansion pack. Featuring a new playable character, new bosses, new weapons, and more, this DLC also marks the end of the game’s long development cycle.

Maya Moldenhauer, Studio Director and Executive Producer of StudioMDHR, the team behind cup headrecently participated in an interview where he spoke about the cup head IP and its future after The delicious last dish comes out. Moldenhauer also dropped some hints about the nature of StudioMDHR’s next project, though he kept them vague on purpose.


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According to Moldenhauer’s comment, The delicious last dish DLC is, in fact, a collection of pretty much every idea StudioMDHR still had after cup head he had already left. Taken from the cutting room floor, these concepts and features were enhanced and implemented into the game after receiving an additional round of polish. The delicious last dishThe gameplay reflects this as well, as much of what has already been shown looks and feels like a proper expansion to the core. cup head experience.

now that Cuphead: The Ultimate Delicious Dish has turned to gold, StudioMDHR can finally start thinking ahead and conceptualizing their next project. According to Moldenhauer, “the sky is the limit”, and it is highly unlikely that the studio’s next game will have anything to do with it. cup head itself. Moldenhauer did admit, however, that the team has a penchant for 2D animation and pencil-on-paper illustrations, so the visual DNA is sure to remain the same no matter what premise it ends up settling on.

It took StudioMDHR a long time to finish both cup head and its next DLC, so the next game is likely to have a longer response cycle as well. cup headHowever, it has been remarkably successful since its inception, with this relatively small IP getting a cup head Arby’s Kids Meal toy line. With that in mind, StudioMDHR is sure to have the overhead it needs to keep going for as long as it takes.

While Moldenhauer pretty much confirmed that StudioMDHR’s next game will have an equally stunning visual style, there’s another important aspect of cup head that wouldn’t be out of place in the developer’s next project: Difficulty. Namely, cup head is one of the most difficult games on the market right now, and StudioMDHR might also be interested in retaining this approach to gameplay for the future.

Cuphead: The Ultimate Delicious Dish It will be released for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One on June 30, 2022.

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