TikToker Carlos Viteri explains viral video of girlfriend screaming at airport

Carlos Viteri TikTok story

A TikTok user, Carlos Viteri, has explained the situation behind the viral video of his ex-girlfriend allegedly “abusing” him at the airport in a series of videos.

Since 2016, TikTok has been home to millions of viral videos from around the world, whether they’re dance trends, viral sound clips, or just situations that happen in public.

Carlos Viteri recently found out, as a video of his now ex-girlfriend crying and yelling at him in an airport went viral and garnered nearly 10 million views.

Now, Carlos has posted a series of videos on his TikTok channel explaining the situation.

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Carlos Viteri explains viral video of his girlfriend

After hundreds of comments asking TikToker to give viewers a story hour, Carlos did so in three videos on his own channel, carlosviteri12. The videos garnered several hundred thousand views in just two days and fans were dying to hear everything.

He explained that he will not say his name out of respect and legal issues, but explained that he took his now ex-girlfriend to Ecuador to visit his family, since that is where he is from. On the way back, his flight was cancelled, so they went to the lounge.

“What happened was that she and I drank a little bit, but she has a lot of substance abuse issues. I didn’t realize they were as bad as they were,” Carlos explained. “One drink, she turned 20 and I didn’t realize she was so drunk until there was a knock back at the door.

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“That’s when I realized how drunk she was because she kept yelling at everyone and they talked back to her. Not wanting to cause a scene, I told him to stop and that’s when the video started.”

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In parts two Y Three of the story, he went into more detail about the incident and that he ended his relationship with her as soon as they both returned home.

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