WordleBot can help you get better at Wordle

Wordlebot parsing your initial word.

The New York Times has released a tool to help gamers get better at Wordle. I call WordleBotthe tool guides the player through their guesses and suggests better guesses that can reduce the number of tries it takes to complete Wordle’s daily five-letter word puzzle.

You can upload a screenshot of a puzzle you’ve tried, or you can open the tool in the same browser you play Wordle in. Either way, WordleBot will first rate your completed puzzle on skill and luck. Skill is achieving the minimum number of tries required to find the solution, and luck is how many solutions unexpectedly eliminate your guesswork.

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Wordlebot parsing your initial word.

Explaining what exactly the luck category means, the NYT writes: “Our luck measures represent how unexpected the results of your guesses are, conditional on what we would expect, on average, given what we know about the solution at the time.” .

Also, interestingly enough, WordleBot thinks “crane” is the best starting word. However, as the NYT points out, the best opening word really depends on the player.

After the opening attempt, WordleBot will analyze each of your guesses and suggest what you would have tried. At the end, you will compare your solution with your solution.

But while WordleBot will hopefully help you get better at Wordle puzzles, you won’t have to worry about spoilers. Does not give advice for incomplete games.

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