WoW: Magic surfaces go crazy – with this macro you always hit

WoW: Magic surfaces go crazy - with this macro you always hit

With a small but fine macro, skills in World of Warcraft can be aimed much better. We at MeinMMO will tell you how it works.

Macros in World of Warcraft are actually not a new thing and the modifiers for them have been known for a while. But especially in Shadowlands there are many dungeons with comparatively narrow corridors. This, in turn, means that placing area-of-effect spells – like Blizzard or Rain of Fire – can sometimes be unexpectedly silly.

Instead of placing the magical effect on the enemies, the deadly spells suddenly fall on any wall or even behind the player. The reason is that the camera settings and these “near walls” tend to get these blockages in front of the mouse and then the magic effect rains down somewhere where you can’t use it at all.

How does the macro work? Depending on which class you play, the macro is structured a little differently. In the case of a tank demon hunter, that would look like this:

/cast [mod:alt,@target] Infernal Strike; [nomod:alt] Infernal Strike

You simply replace the word “Infernal Strike” with the respective ability of your class – such as Blizzard, Flame Rain, Death and Decay or movement abilities such as Shadow Gate or Heroic Leap.

The macro will now ensure that your normal keypress will use your ability as usual – with a target area that you can select. However, holding ALT while using the ability will center the ability on your current target – so the Blizzard or any other effect is perfectly spread out around the targeted enemy.

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What else does the macro do? What’s even more interesting is that tanks can also use these macros, for example to catch all the rays at the same time on the last boss in the Halls of Penance. When he casts Chamberlain’s Choir, all you have to do is use a targeted movement ability with an “@target” macro like that – like jumping from a warrior or demon hunter.

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The macro with the jump ensures that your character stands exactly in the middle of the chamberlain and can thus catch all 4 rays of the ability at the same time. This in turn makes this phase much easier for healers who only need to heal the tank.

While macros like this have been around for a long time, it’s only in the last few months and weeks that this particular type of macro has garnered more attention.

Do you like this variant? Or how do you achieve maximum precision? What macros do you use to be more efficient and precise?