Adin Ross defends xQc amid betting drama with Hasan

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Twitch streamer Adin Ross is defending xQc’s gambling streams after Hasan criticized The Juicer for promoting gambling to teenage viewers.

In recent weeks, xQc has been gambling during his streams, causing him to lose over two million dollars and receiving tons of negative reactions on his content.

xQc created a ‘streamer tier list’ on June 15, prompting further backlash from Hasan, who criticized the creator for “promoting the game to teenagers”.

Now Adin Ross has joined the conversation, defending xQc during a recent Twitch stream after reading Hasan’s backlash.

Adin Ross defends xQc betting streams

On June 16, Adin Ross reacted to the negative reaction xQc received from Hasan during his broadcast.

Adin explained: “I have had conversations with Hasan, I fuck with Hasan brother… but this is bad. But everyone needs to stop ‘promoting the game to teenagers’. Gotta stop that shit bro.”

Later, a viewer mentioned to Adin that he is one of the creators promoting the game to teenage viewers.

“I’m going to keep a dollar with you. The NBA does. Cancel the NBA then, it’s crazy. The game is everywhere,” he explained. “If you were offered a million dollar contract, you would do that too.

“What did I set on each 2k stream? Bets. I’ve been gambling my whole fucking career. I love to gamble. Why the hell wouldn’t he take a deal?

In March 2022, Adin leaked direct messages showing the creator being paid nearly 100,000 for his weekly stake streams.

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