Buy PS5 at Alternate: location on 17.06. – How about new bundles in June?

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Alternate has had console replenishments over the past few weeks. Here you have the best chance of getting the PS5. What is the current situation?

Update from 06/17/2022, 08:43 a.m: Unfortunately, nothing is currently moving at Alternate. But some other dealers could definitely do something. If you don’t want to miss any drops and always want to be up to date on the current supply situation for the PlayStation 5, then you should definitely take a regular look at our PS5 live ticker.

Update from 06/12/2022, 11:30 a.m: Even if Alternate can have fresh PS5 supplies on weekends, it’s currently quiet about new consoles. Whether this will change in the new week is currently not foreseeable.

Update from 06/10/2022, 08:15: Alternate has been quiet about fresh PS5 supplies since last weekend’s drop. There are currently no PS5 consoles or bundles available there.

Update from 6/6/2022, 10:20 a.m.: Surprisingly, a new bundle was available for purchase at Alternate at the weekend. There the PS5 was sold together with two games and a headset. The console is now sold out again. But it’s another drop in Alternate within a short time. So if you’re still looking for a PS5, then Alternate is a strong place to go.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)
Type Stationary game console
generation 09th console generation
storage medium Blu Ray, SSD
release November 19, 2020

Original message from June 2nd, 2022: Hamburg – Alternate has repeatedly surprised with PS5 supplies in recent weeks. Sony’s console was regularly sold here in large bundles. In some cases, the PS5 was even available for hours. The chances of new supplies are also good, because the PS5 situation is generally relaxed at the moment. When can we expect new consoles in Alternate? We give you the big overview.

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Buy PS5: Large bundles at Alternate – What is the current situation?

When was the PS5 last sold at Alternate? The last consoles were sold here on May 27th. There was a bundle with a headset and two games. But also on May 24th some consoles were offered in another bundle. Here you can find the PS5 at Alternate in case of a drop:

What are the chances of a refill? Quite good. Alternate has been selling the PS5 regularly over the past few weeks – albeit dribbling and in small quantities. Nevertheless, you can count on bundles appearing here again and again. There is no fixed drop day of the week here.

Buy PS5: Mini-Drops at Alternate – Best chance of replenishment.

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Buy PS5: You need to know that about the alternate purchase

This is the catch: The PS5 at Alternate is usually offered in a large bundle. The entire package often costs more than 1,000 euros. In addition to the PS5, there are also games, headsets or steering wheels. The prices are okay, but the bundle is only worth it if you really want to use all the components of the package. So expect to dig a little deeper into your pocket if you drop Alternate.

Also, sales at Alternate are trickle in. A few consoles are unlocked again and again, which are then sold off. The next consoles will come online a little later. As a result, a drop here can take several hours. In our live ticker about buying PS5, we give you a detailed overview of all drops in Germany – so you don’t miss a console.

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