CoD Warzone shows roadmap of season 4 – fulfills biggest player wish with new map

cod warzone season 4 roadmap 2022 mercenaries

On June 22nd, Season 4 in Call of Duty: Warzone starts with a new map and extensive changes on the large map Caldera. What you can expect in addition to the highlights and what new tradition Season 4 brings to Warzone, we show you on MeinMMO in the overview.

The roadmap of the new Season 4 / 2022 of Call of Duty: Warzone is online. There is also a lot of information about the content and schedule of the next free season:

  • New map Fortune’s Keep
  • Changes on Caldera
  • New contract
  • New in-game event
  • live event
  • map rotation
  • New grenade
  • Fresh loot mode
  • New Weapons
  • Mid-Season Preview

MeinMMO gives you a brief overview of the upcoming content. We include the new roadmap for Season 4 here:

CoD Warzone: Season 4 – New map rotation is imminent

Which game wish does Season 4 fulfill? After the new map “Fortune’s Keep” was announced, the community immediately had concerns: Does the new map replace the popular Rebirth Island?

In the Season 4 blog, the developers explain: With the new season there are 3 active maps in CoD Warzone, Rebirth Island remains in the game. That was the biggest player request in the last few days.

The blog hints that there will be a map rotation in the future. Sometimes Fortune’s Keep is available, sometimes Rebirth Island. However, further details are still missing.

What’s for sure: Rebirth Islands disappear for a while at mid-season, but then come back later.

CoD Warzone: Season 4 – Season Start Content

As usual, there is a fresh Battle Pass and lots of new content right at the start. We list the individual content points and give a brief explanation.

  • New map: Fortune’s Keep
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The new map is roughly the size of Rebirth Island and is considered a “Resurgence” map. Fortune’s Keep was designed accordingly for the “Resurrection” mode and should give a similar feel to Rebirth Island. The overview map and size comparisons of players can be found here. We include the first trailer with a view of the map here:

CoD Warzone shows brand new map Fortune’s Keep in the trailer – but fans want to know something else

Warzone’s big map had to take a lot of criticism. The developers are now responding to the feedback and changing Caldera in many areas:

At least at the start of the season, Caldera will certainly get more visitors than in Season 3. However, it remains to be seen whether the card will play into the hearts of the Warzone soldiers. Here is the new overview map of Caldera:

cod warzone caldera season 4 2022 map adjustments
  • In-Game Event: Cash Extraction

Also available only on Fortune’s Keep for the time being: Cash Extraction. The event starts randomly during a match. Mercenaries try to bring their loot off the island – flares show you the positions. You can take the loot if you dare.

  • Contract: Black Market Supply Run

At Fortune’s Keep you can experience a new contract at launch. With the Black Market Run you have to quickly reach a certain buying station, which is then a “Black Market” and gives you special offers. With enough cash, you have the chance of specialist bonuses, the extremely strong “Foresight” bonus or even a minigun with Nebula ammunition.

cod warzone season 4 2022 nebula minigun
There is a new minigun with Nebula ammo.

A new grenade. The tactical item lets you briefly disable enemy vehicles and affected enemies lose their HUD for a moment.

  • Loot Money: Golden Plunder
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An enhanced version of Blood Money mode. There is more cash for killed players, the number of participants increases from 100 to 120 and you have to collect 5,000,000 in cash. There are also bunkers with lots of cash via golden key cards and broken ATMs also help to top up the account balance.

CoD Warzone: Loot money is great – but the end is a nightmare

  • Event: Mercenaries of Fortune

A live event will go online right at the start of Season 4. You can complete certain tasks on Caldera and Fortune’s Keep and collect cosmetics in return.

As always, you get two weapons at the start of the season via the new Battle Pass. There is the submachine gun “Marco 5” with high mobility and a lot of damage at the shortest distances. And there is the LMG “UGM-8” – high mobility and large magazines are also mentioned as advantages.

cod warzone season 4 2022 new weapons
On the left the new LMG, on the right the new Warzone MP.

CoD Warzone: Season 4 – Mid-season content

The blog also allows a glimpse of mid-season content.

Two other weapons are already known: Push Dagger is a small fist blade and should even come before mid-season. An assault rifle is coming for Mid-Season 4: Vargo-S. This is intended to be a stable rifle, with high versatility and rate of fire.

An armored vehicle with a turret on the roof. In addition, the vehicle offers you a nitro boost for full throttle.

cod warzone season 4 2022 armored suv

A revised version of the popular Iron Trials is to come into play. However, there are not many more details about it.

Here, too, the developers are still covered. They write in the blog: “There are strange rumors about an undead wave and the ultimate test for operators coming online…”. These rumors stem from leaks that zombies may appear on Rebirth. No further official details on this.

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That was the overview of the new Season 4. There will probably be extensive changes to the weapons again. When it comes to balancing, Warzone has been very busy in the last few updates and Season 4 should also change a lot in the weapon meta.

After the start of the season, we will update our list of the best weapons in Warzone again in a timely manner.

Leave us a comment with your thoughts on the new season.