Codename Vitriol: Dark RPG announced by the Frostpunk makers

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11 bit studios has with Codename vitriol announced a new role-playing game, which will be presented in more detail this summer. This is next to the ages the studio’s second major announcement in a few days. 11 Bit is known in particular for the strategy title Frostpunk, which was released in 2018. The CEO of Fool’s Theory, Jakub Rokosz, has already revealed the first information about the RPG. at Fool’s Theory is a small studio from Poland, which is already involved in large productions such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has worked. 11 Bit Studios is now cooperating with this studio in the development of Codename Vitriol.

What should Codename Vitriol become?

Codename Vitriol is described by Rokosz as a deep and morally ambivalent role-playing game with a narrative focus. Especially esotericism should play an essential role here. The setting for this dark adventure should Warsaw in the early 20th century be, at that time still under Russian tsarist rule.

The trailer, with which code name Vitriol was announced, doesn’t tell us much more. With numerous effects, an image is displayed in the middle of which is a possible protagonist of our story. This scenery is highlighted in English with the words “There’s more than meets the Eye”. If the comments below the teaser are to be believed, 11 Bit Studios Marketing has clearly worked so far. Finally, the response for the mysterious announcement is mostly positive.