DALL-E: The craziest and funniest AI creations in one place

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The text for Image Generator DALL-E is currently going viral. The Weird DALL-E Generations Twitter account collects the best creations.

Hamburg – There is currently no getting around DALL-E. The AI ​​Image Generator is arguably the perfect tool for the meme-hungry internet. If you enter a text command, DALL-E tries to interpret an image from it. The results are often startling, absurd, or just downright creepy. The Twitter page Weird DALL-E Generations has now made it its task to collect the wildest results and thus went viral itself without detours.

software DALL-E
Publication date 05.01.2021
Original Author OpenAI

Weird DALL-E Generations: Twitter account becomes a meme gold mine

What are the craziest pictures on Weird DALL-E Generations? While DALL-E 2 previously only available by invitation, its little brother, the DALL-E Mini, can be tried out online for free. That opened the door to meme masters and creative minds. Within a very short time, they flooded the Internet with insane images. The Twitter account Weird DALL-E Generations quickly became the place to go for the best memes created in DALL-E.

be it one Bottle of ranch dressingwho testifies in court Gollum playing tennis, Samara from The Ring at Price is Hot or a Fisheye image of Lord Voldemort smoking – the selection at Weird DALL-E Generations is simply unique and shows how powerful even the slimmed-down version of the AI ​​Image Generator is. However, we only recommend scrolling through Weird DALL-E Generations at your own risk, you simply become addicted to increasingly wacky AI images too quickly.

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Weird DALL-E Generations: The graphic AI has not yet discovered eroticism for itself

How does DALL-E actually work? The program behind the Twitter success of Weird DALL-E Generations – the account currently has over 600,000 followers – draws its power from all image data on the Internet. Uploaded photos are in most cases accompanied by a description that can be used to fairly reliably identify the components of the image. DALL-E then throws in a touch of AI magic and generates an interpretation of the text command you give it.

Weird DALL-E Generations collects the craziest creations of graphic AI on Twitter.

© Twitter: @weirddalle

But there is currently one exception: DALL-E has not yet discovered eroticism for itself. The AI ​​Image Generator is currently not fed with adult content from the developer OpenAI. It’s probably better that DALL-E retains its innocence. We don’t even want to imagine what the internet would do with such possibilities.

Rubric list image: © Twitter: @weirddalle