Dead by Daylight: 600,000 blood points for free and lots of cosmetics in the new event

Dead by Daylight: 600,000 blood points for free and lots of cosmetics in the new event

Dead by Daylight celebrates its 6th birthday and offers lots of rewards. We’ll tell you how to unlock all the bonuses.

A new in-game event is taking place in Dead by Daylight, the Twisted Masquerade. Not only can killers and survivors earn tons of new cosmetic rewards here, there are also new mission objectives and a whole lot of bloodpoints for free. If you don’t use the time now, it’s probably your own fault.

The first login during the event alone enriches every account with a whopping 600,000 blood points.

How do you unlock the masks? A total of 12 individual masks can be earned for different characters. How you get them is basically always the same, but there are subtle differences between survivors and killers.

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During the event, small pedestals will spawn on each map, changing their location after a while. Whenever this happens, a special sound is heard. Killers or Survivors can interact with the pedestal to receive an invite to the Masquerade Ball. If you have received it, that is already the first requirement. Depending on the role, you must then:

  • As a killer, you must bring the match to an end. It doesn’t matter how many kills you earn.
  • As a survivor, you must survive until an escape route is opened. This can be the gate, but also the trapdoor. You don’t have to escape, surviving is enough to open an escape route.
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But: If you are already on the hook at the moment the gate opens and then die there or are about to be murdered by the killer, that doesn’t count and you have to try again in the next round.

Which characters can get masks? In total there are 12 different masks for the following characters:

  • Trapper (killer)
  • Huntress (Killer)
  • trickster
  • Artist (Killer)
  • Death Messenger / Deathslinger (Killer)
  • Specter / Spirit (Killer)
  • Ace (Survivor)
  • Yui (survivor)
  • Dwight (survivor)
  • Jane (survivor)
  • Elodie (Survivor)
  • Mikaela (survivor)

Which mask you unlock is completely random. There is no connection between the character played and the mask unlocked.

So you can unlock all masks as a killer or survivor – or just mix and match wildly.

More cosmetics for new characters: Coinciding with the masks are new cosmetic rewards for the two freshest characters: the killer Dredge and Haddie Kaur. Both can earn an exclusive cosmetic set in the temporary tome. To do this, different challenges have to be overcome.

How long is the event? A total of 2 weeks, from June 16th to June 30th, 2022. The earlier you start with the tasks and unlocking the masks, the more relaxed you can just farm blood points towards the end of the event.

What else is there? Besides the masks, there are also daily rewards just for logging in. For the duration of the entire event, you can secure the following resources by logging in every day:

  • 900,000 blood points
  • 4,500 Iridescent Shards
  • 35 Rift Fragments

That being said, most DLCs you’ve just heard are discounted in price. So if you want to add one or the other killer to your collection, you should grab it now, because most chapters are available for around 4 euros.

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Have you already looked at the event and already earned the masks? Or do you not like these rewards?