Diablo Immortal: Free2Play vs Pay2Win – Clans take the ultimate test

Those were the days... when Blizzard made fun of Pay2Win (2)

One can refuse the Pay2Win system in Diablo Immortal, which the vast majority of players certainly do. However, it cannot be denied that there is also a not inconsiderable number of players who not only have no problem with it, but are even happy that they can gain playful advantages with hard euros. While most of these players spend manageable sums, there is also a small fraction of players who throw money around – like the streamer, who spent over 12,000 euros for (almost) nothing.

The players mainly argue about how big the win is in Pay2Win. Because even if you spend horrific sums of money, you don’t necessarily have to get better items or even play better. The ultimate comparison is coming soon on a US server.