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diablo immortal platinum tradable gems

Platinum is a premium currency in Diablo Immortal that you can get with real-money purchases, but you can also earn it without spending money. You get legendary gems, create a clan or craft powerful spells for your build. On MeinMMO we show you how to get platinum and what you can spend it on.

Diablo Immortal is basically based on three currencies:

  • Gold – You can find it anywhere in the world
  • Platinum – Real Money Shop, Market, Quests
  • Eternal Orbs – Pure real-money currency

Here in the article we take care of the currency “platinum”. You will find out where you get the currency from, how you farm it and what opportunities platinum offers you to become stronger. Among other things, you can use it to buy and improve legendary gems.

You can find out more about the Legendary Gems in our video:

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Diablo Immortal: Getting Platinum – Real Money, Market, Quests

Platinum is a kind of semi-premium currency. You can buy them with real money, but you can also earn them in-game. We describe three sources for you:

  • Buy for real money in the shop
  • Earn via daily rewards
  • Speculation on the player market

Buy for real money in the shop: Platinum can be bought in Diablo Immortal via the “Eternal Orbs”.

  • 500 Platinum for 50 Eternal Orbs
  • 5,000 Platinum for 500 Eternal Orbs
  • 50,000 Platinum for 5,000 Eternal Orbs

Go to “Currencies” in the in-game shop and at the bottom right you can choose between the Eternal Orbs and Platinum.

Earn via Daily Rewards: Platinum is part of Daily Activity Rewards. You can find them in your codex in the “Battle Pass” under the “Activities” menu item.

If you earn 120 battle points here in one day, your platinum account will go up by 300. Battle Points are the progress points for the Battle Pass.

Speculation on the player market: When you deal with the player market, platinum is the most important currency. All transactions are settled here with the currency.

A total of three types of items can be traded here:

  • Legendary Gems
  • Normal gems
  • Skill Stones

If you have a legendary gem that you don’t need, you should always weigh it up carefully: Do you use it to upgrade other stones or do you sell the part on the market.

However, not all gems can be sold on the market. If you received a Normal or Legendary Gem from an Elder Portal using a free Rare or Legendary Emblem, the gem cannot be traded.

You can recognize the trade ability by a small icon on the gem’s image:

The stones cannot be traded without the trade symbol.

This is where the speculation begins: Shortly after the release, there are many suppliers and buyers – the price should therefore generally be a little higher and should slowly fall. In the long term, however, there can also be a shortage of gemstones, which drives prices up.

You have to decide for yourself whether you want to hire immediately or wait. You should not trade with the normal gems as long as you can still upgrade them.

Farm platinum: Lots of potential for speculators

Platinum Trader Tip: The spells are also interesting for speculators. Skill stones can be extracted from spells and sold as well. Find the “Spellmaker” merchant in Westmarch.

Every spell found can be upgraded here with the material “Alchemical Powder”. You get the material from dismantled spells.

Each upgrade adds a random skill bonus. This bonus is not limited to your class. It can be a bonus to any skill from any class.

Once the spell is rank 5, you can extract a skill stone from it. That costs 500 platinum. The stone, in turn, can be sold on the market for good platinum.

If you don’t want to keep the spell yourself, then sell the part. Observe the prices at the market on your server. At the time of writing, the prices on the El’Druin server looked like this:

  • Market Prices of Skill Stones
    • 1 skill for a class: 1,000 platinum
    • 2 skills for one class: 1,500 platinum
    • 3 skills for one class: 2,000 platinum

If you want to get involved in the speculation on the market, then visit the “Hilt dealer” in Westmark regularly. Here you get daily spells in exchange for Hilt, which you can either use or upgrade.

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Diablo Immortal: Spend Platinum – Market, Clan, Spells & Gems

As always, spending is easier than earning. Here’s what you can do with platinum:

  • purchases at the market
  • Buy Echo Crystals
  • Create a clan
  • Create Skill Stones
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Purchases at the market: If you want to get normal or legendary gems on the market, you need platinum in your pocket. Nothing works on the player market without it.

Buy Echo Crystals: The “Crystal Dealer” is in the building with the gem craftsmen and sells you echo crystals for 500 platinum. Normal gems can be upgraded beyond rank 5 with the crystals.

Create Skill Stones: As described above, you need 500 platinum to extract a skill stone from a rank 5 spell. You can sell the stone at the market or use it on another rank 5 spell to transfer the right bonus with a bit of luck.

Create a clan: In Diablo Immortal you can create a clan for up to 100 members for 3,000 platinum. Be careful if you want to join the shadows and have previously created a clan. That can throw you out of the clan and the precious metal is gone.

If you really get into platinum trading, you can earn a lot of currency here and get access to the strongest legendary gems. However, this is a speculative business and you have to weigh up and calculate.

If you still have tips for godparents in store, please write them to us in the comments. If you’d rather check out the best gem you can buy through platinum, check out The Best Legendary Gem in Diablo Immortal and Why Everyone Wants It