Epic Store: Randomly selected users can now rate games

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In contrast to giants like Steam, which have been an integral part of the gaming landscape for several years, the Epic Games Store is still a fairly new download platform. Therefore, it also lacks some features that are the absolute norm on Steam. For example, it wasn’t that long ago that achievements were added to the Epic Games Store, and now Epic officials have unveiled a new feature that many players have been missing.

User ratings are now available on the Epic Games Store

On Steam, users can give a review to a game they own. They either recommend the title to their Steam colleagues, or they don’t. You can also write a small review explaining why you gave the game this rating. The Epic Games Store has now introduced a rating system, but it works a little differently.

Like Epic in a new one blog post writing, randomly selected players who have played a title for at least two hours are given the opportunity at the end of a session to rate the game using a 5-star system. It is not clear from the blog post how these players are selected and whether players who just a few seconds ago exited Salt and Sacrifice by pressing the Alt and F4 keys, for example, are also given this option.

In addition, there should also be polls for one of their games – also for randomly selected players. These can include questions like “Is this game more fun in a group?” or “Which of these words best describes the visuals of the game?”. This should gradually generate tags, which many players will already know from Steam. Here, most of the games are already broken down into tags like co-op, single player, shooter, and so on.

The new system is said to be out now, so if you’re playing a game on the Epic Games Store anytime soon, keep an eye out for one of these polls. However, whether this system is better than Steam’s is a matter for everyone to decide for themselves. In particular, the lack of written reviews could hurt some titles. New releases in particular often have the problem that they suffer from certain performance problems, which is why some users do not recommend them on Steam. In their review, they usually explain exactly why they gave the thumbs down. However, such an exchange between players is probably not possible in the Epic Games Store, which is why it is not possible to see why a game received, for example, 50 5-star ratings and ten 1-star ratings.

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