Evil West Gameplay Trailer Confirmed: This West is Evil

Codename Vitriol: Dark RPG announced by the Frostpunk makers (1)

Earlier this year, Studio Flying Wild Hog released Shadow Warrior 3 and Trek to Yomi. However, fans of the developers can still look forward to a third game in September this year. In Evil West you play one of the last agents of a top secret vampire hunter institute who has to save the wild west from the vampire threat. You can either do this alone or with your friends in co-op mode. The description of the title reads:

“Unleash hell with your guns, lightning-fast gauntlet and gadgets in gut-busting, explosive combat. Slay bloodthirsty monsters in style solo or in co-op with a friend. Explore and fight through a story-driven campaign, upgrading your weapons and hunting tools. Unlock new ones Unlock perks to develop your monster-slaying skills and find your own playstyle to defeat supernatural hordes.”

We now received a ten-minute trailer for exactly these explosive fights. Here we get to see our protagonist slaughtering hordes of monsters, while also using some rather supernatural abilities that seem to come from his electrically charged gauntlet. Meanwhile, the cowboy entertains us with a couple of one-liners. Also, the trailer gives us a pretty good glimpse into the different areas we’ll see during our journey. The towns may seem quite unique, but they all convey a rather disturbing atmosphere.