Forgotten Modern Warfare AR could be Warzone’s best all-round weapon

FAL Warzone Modern Warfare CoD

The Call of Duty: Warzone meta could be set to change once again, as there’s a Modern Warfare assault rifle that has a chance of being the best weapon overall, but no one is using it.

Over the past few months, the meta in Warzone has changed in a pretty big way thanks to Raven Software’s wide range of weapon changes and balancing.

Some longtime favorites like the Kar98 and AK-47 have fallen by the wayside, with the likes of the STG44, NZ-41, and Type 100 taking over. However, there is still plenty of room to experiment and try out some more hidden options.

That has prompted some players to go back and try out Modern Warfare weapons which, while lacking the same number of attachments as Vanguard weapons, do have some of the best TTK out there. And the FAL, which absolutely no one uses, may have the best of all.

Dexerto/Infinity Ward

Modern Warfare’s FAL may no longer be meta, but it’s still dangerous.

war zone guru who is immortal highlighted the assault rifle in his June 15 video, noting how it has a 0.14 pick rate on WZ classificationbut it can be absolutely deadly in the right hands.

As the YouTuber shows, FAL has excellent TTK at all ranges and outperforms BAR, Owen Gun, and Vargo at close range. While it lags a bit behind the Type 100 in close-range battles, Modern Warfare AR really outshines the competition from beyond 20 meters.

The only caveat with the gun, though, is that because it’s semi-automatic, it needs a solid trigger pull to maximize its potential. It’s not an incredibly easy weapon to use, but if you get the hang of it, you’ll see success as the YouTuber points out.

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Best meta FAL loadout for Warzone

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel: XRK Shooter
  • To be: Laser Tac
  • Ammunition: 30 round magazines
  • Perk: sleight of hand

As WhosImmortal points out, the use of Sleight of Hand is pretty key to this build, given that it means it has a near “instant” cooldown. “It’s so powerful and high-risk, high-reward that it actually works better now than ever at 300hp,” the YouTuber added.

Of course, with that high-risk, high-reward factor, many players may choose to stay away and use something a little easier, but don’t be surprised if you run into more FAL users in the near future.