GTA Online: How do the contact missions work?


In GTA Online there are the so-called contact missions. This means that these are jobs or tasks that you receive from your contacts or contact persons. They usually call you, but you can also start a contact mission in other ways.

GTA Online: What are Contact Missions?

A contact mission puts in GTA Online an order dar, the ye received from a specific contact person. These can be different characters than yours contact persons for the respective contact mission. You often know the client like Trevor Philips or Lamar Davis already from the single player story of GTA 5.

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What’s behind it? The missions can be anything. Some people send you out to contract killings to do, sometimes you have to Pull off deals or steal certain things. Of course, the whole thing brings you experience aka RP and of course money in the form of GTA Dollars.

The faster you complete the contact mission, the greater the reward. It also happens from time to time that you can bag double RP and money for a limited time.

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