Hearthstone massively nerfs warriors and demon hunters – is the new meta coming now?

Hearthstone massively nerfs warriors and demon hunters – is the new meta coming now?

A new patch in Hearthstone has been installed and, above all, ensures that two classes now lose more often. Warriors and demon hunters are at it.

Ever since Hearthstone released the mini-set for the latest Journey to the Sunken City expansion, the card game’s meta has become quite monotonous. The best decks have become even stronger, so that currently there are mainly warriors and demon hunters, who win victories more often than average. Too often – thinks Blizzard. A new patch has now adjusted several maps and significantly weakened these two classes in particular.

These are the nerfs on the warrior

The magic shield fragmentation now only deals 4 damage to all minions instead of 5 damage. This should ensure that significantly more minions can withstand this attack and the whole field is not cleaned up as often.

The servant wailing spirit of the tides was generating too much armor and there is a significant drop here. Instead of 8 armor, the spirit now only grants 5 armor. Its damage component is not changed.

A clearly noticeable nerf hits Nellie’s pirate ship. This is the limb that gets called when someone plays Nellie the Great Thresher. In the future, the cost of pirates gained will no longer be reduced to 1, but only reduced by 1 mana. So it will be significantly more expensive to play the pirates from Nellie’s pirate ship.

The magic From the depths It now costs 4 mana instead of 3 mana. It is therefore used later and blocks more of the warrior’s resources.

Those are the nerfs on Demon Hunter

The legendary servant Caria devil soul is modified a little. Instead of costing 6 mana and having stats of 6/6, it now costs 7 mana and has stats of 7/7, which also counts toward her Battlecry effect. So it will only be used later, but it will be a little stronger.

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The servant Battle-hardened vanguard should be quite a thorn in the side of many players, as the early playing of the vanguard often caused a snowball effect in which the demon hunter won very early on. His life total is reduced from 2 to 1, allowing him to die from many more effects and rarely lasting more than one turn on the battlefield.

What else is changing?

A few other cards are also getting changes that affect individual or all classes.

The Rogue Servant Wildpaw Gnoll loses an attack point and henceforth only has 3 attack instead of 4.

The Paladin Hero Card, Lightforged Cariel, increases in their cost. Instead of 7 mana, it now costs 8 mana and thus only enters the battlefield one turn later. This gives the opponent more time to prepare for the map and the Paladin one move less to benefit from Cariel’s strength.

The Mage Servant grudge fin siren will be adapted. Instead of a 4 mana cost for 2/5, the Naga Queen now has a 2/6 for 5 mana. This should make her hit later on the battlefield, but it’s a bit more resilient.

The Druid Spell Earthen scales will be nerfed. The mana cost increases from 1 to 2, ie it is doubled. This should make it less likely for druids to somehow “squeeze the scales into the train” and benefit from massive armor.

The neutral pirate henchman torment getting more expensive. Its mana cost increases from 6 to 7, allowing it to be played one turn later. This is also primarily to be understood as a nerf for warriors, although other classes could also benefit from henchman torment.

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The neutral servant school teacher gets a little weaker. His stats shrink from 5/4 to 4/3. Judging by the fact that he creates a fairly strong card, this nerf should probably be manageable.

What do you think of these adjustments? Is it time warriors and demon hunters were put down? Or are the classes now “deadnerfed”?