How the length of Starfield compares to Skyrim

How the length of Starfield compares to Skyrim

Todd Howard recently discussed the length of Starfield, and it compares quite well to his open-world fantasy RPG, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

At the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, the two companies finally revealed 15 minutes of star field How to play Take a look at the exploration, gave a little look at the combat, showed customization and spaceship flight, and dove a bit into the game’s character creation. There’s certainly some promise there, although many weren’t visually impressed, and it’s nice to finally see the long-awaited star field in action.

Bethesda’s Todd Howard also recently commented on how long it takes to beat star field. He previously he had said that it was 20% bigger than fallout 4 either Skyrimbut more recently revealed that star field it takes about 30-40 hours to churn. This is in reference to its main story, but like many Bethesda open world games, that’s only part of the game.

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How long to beat Starfield vs. Skyrim

It seems safe to say that completing most of the faction missions in star field it could take that length into the hundreds of hours, but as far as the main quest goes, Howard’s comments specifically line up well. The average length to beat SkyrimThe main quest for is about 34 hours, and if star fieldThe main quest is 20% larger, which puts it at the top end of Howard’s commentary: 40 hours.

So it seems that star fieldThe main search for will likely fall on that higher end, at least according to Howard’s approximation. One time star field releases in 2023 and is in the hands of gamers it will be interesting to see how long the average length actually lasts but this apparently puts it in the same ballpark as Skyrim. What will really put the nail in the coffin is how much extra content star field features, such as Skyrim it has various factions that add tons of hours to the game along with other side quests.

Bethesda has confirmed some of star fieldThe factions of , but you probably haven’t looked at all of them yet. Constellation is apparently tied to the main story, while United Colonies and Free Star Collective could remind SkyrimCivil war. Crimson Fleet and Ryujin Industries have also been confirmed, but it’s hard to say what their exact roles will be.

However, it seems star field will be up to Skyrim. It has even been confirmed that star field you’ll get DLC expansions, though that’s not really a factor here. But star field likely to be fully contained complete at launch, if Skyrim there is something to happen.

star field releases in 2023 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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