If Elden Ring is too easy for you, simply turn all opponents into Malenia

One of the most absurd challenge runs in Elden Ring simply turns everything into the toughest boss Malenia.

One of the most absurd challenge runs in Elden Ring simply turns everything into the toughest boss Malenia.

If Elden Ring is not nightmarish enough for you, you can use a mod to increase the whole thing immeasurably. As a streamer impressively presents, there is the possibility of simply turning any opponent into Malenia. That means even if you encounter a sheep or bird, you’ll be dealing with the toughest boss fight in the entire game. After all, Malenia scales depending on the opponent, but the whole thing remains an incredibly difficult challenge.

Malenia really makes life difficult for streamers in this Elden Ring run

Everything is Malenia: Elden Ring has quickly become the most popular From Software game. Not only we say that (but also, for example, in the large ranking of all Souls games from FromSoft). This means that die-hard fans play the title so intensely that they quickly learn it by heart and are looking for new challenges. Like this Randomizer mod on PC, for example, which can be used to turn anything into Malenia.

How it works: Apart from a few story-relevant NPC exceptions, you will only encounter Malenia. This means that even the smallest skeleton enemies and soldiers are the toughest boss in the whole game right from the start. Even sheep, dogs, uh, turtles or birds are just Malenia.

Accordingly, we have to constantly fight against several Malenias at the same time. But at least Malenia always scales a bit depending on the region, so she doesn’t have as much energy every single time as in her actual boss fight, but always the same moveset.

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If you even with just a normal Malenia problems you can find help here:

Defeating Malenia - Tips for combat and effective builds


Elden Ring:

Defeating Malenia – Tips for combat and effective builds

Can this go well? The question is legitimate and cannot be answered that easily. Let’s put it this way, if you’re really good at Elden Ring and have angelic patience, you can do this too. Nothing is impossible! Streamer Bushy shows how absurd, difficult and also funny the whole thing is in this video:

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More about Malenia you can find out here:

Malenia is undoubtedly one of the most challenging boss fights in the entire game of Elden Ring. Nevertheless, there are of course many other similarly difficult encounters. A bleed build can generally help, which is probably the best option against such bosses.

What has been your toughest Elden Ring challenge so far?