In Starfield we explore the largest city Bethesda has ever built

Starfield is said to contain four handcrafted large cities.

Starfield is said to contain four handcrafted large cities.

With Starfield, the people of Bethesda don’t skimp on superlatives: we get to deal with the longest main story mission to date, get to play around with the most extensive character editor to date and now there’s also the biggest city to explore we’ve ever had in a watched the Bethesda game. In total, four really big, hand-made capitals await us on the more than 1,000 planets.

Bethesda promises larger cities than in Skyrim, Fallout and Co.

Four major capitals: In Starfield we not only explore the vastness of space and wild planetary surfaces. The game also takes us to populated areas and larger cities. A total of four major capitals await us, all of which are likely to be dominated by a particular faction. According to Starfield director Todd Howard, New Atlantis is the largest city in the game.

Bigger than anything before: But New Atlantis isn’t just supposed to be the biggest city in Starfield. It’s also the largest city ever featured in a Bethesda game. Yes, bigger than any city in Skyrim or the Fallout series. At the same time, New Atlantis is also home to the headquarters of the Constellation faction (via: IGN).

What can we do? The cities in Starfield should work like in most other games and provide us with new quests, opportunities for trading and much more. According to Todd Howard, we can use all the services we expect there and work on our ship, for example. Speaking of ships:

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So the four hand-made giant cities should be pretty much the exact opposite of the boring planets that are supposed to exist:

Starfield has boring planets because so does real space


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Starfield has boring planets because so does real space

Here you can see our big Starfield preview look at:

Bethesda's mega RPG promises a lot... too much?  - Preview to Starfield


Bethesda’s mega RPG promises a lot… too much? – Preview to Starfield

When is Starfield coming? It’s still going to take a while, although we’ve already seen so much gameplay and gotten new info. Actually, Starfield should have been released on 11/11/22, which is still this year. But nothing will come of it, the release has been postponed to the first half of 2023. But then it comes for PC and Xbox Series S/X and also directly in the Game Pass.

What do you think of the idea of ​​the biggest Bethesda city so far?