Latest Minecraft Snapshot Adds Chat Reports, For Abuse-Free Build

Latest Minecraft Snapshot Adds Chat Reports, For Abuse-Free Build

Minecraft is a game that should be shared with friends. Sometimes everyone will get involved to build something awesome, sometimes they will use mods to recreate Elden Ring, and sometimes they will explore online servers to see what the internet has in store for them. However, if you’re online and playing with strangers, sometimes things can get messy, and that seems to be what the latest Minecraft snapshot is trying to address.

Minecraft Snapshot 22W24A it’s here now, and it’s building towards 1.19.1 by introducing some bug fixes and two new features. The main one here is the chat report, which allows you to report players who send “abusive messages” in the in-game chat. It’s worth noting that the blog explains that “reports made during the trial period may not be acted upon”, but the ability to kick toxic players is an integral part of any online game, so this could be a good step.

Chat reports can be accessed on the social interactions screen, and you’ll need to report individual chat messages along with choosing a category for them as well. Presumably this is to prevent the system itself from being abused, as you can’t just create a generic report of a player: you have to specify what you’ve done, and the blog indicates that your report will then go through a moderation team. There’s no telling yet what will constitute a genuine and actionable report, but it’s all worth knowing all the same.

Other than that, the other big change is that you can now duplicate the wonderful minecraft combo. You can do this by giving them an amethyst shard, but the duplication has a 2.5 minute cooldown. This should help alleviate issues related to how many mobs there are. Besides, more than one pretty thing can only be good news, right?

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In less official news, we are huge fans of this Mario Kart mod for Minecraft. It’s in addition to the go-karts we all know and love, but also with some cool aquatic features.