Leon Machère vs. Kaan Yavi: biting attack before the boxing match of the YouTube stars

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The next big boxing event is coming up! Leon Machère and Kaan Yavi compete against each other. There was a bang at the first face-off. Be

Hamburg – The next Universum Fight Night has been announced. After the YouTube stars Leon Machère and StandartSkill had fought against each other, the rappers Sinan-G and Bözemann then entered the ring. Now there will be a new edition. This time Leon Machère and Kaan Yavi fight each other. At the first encounter, the face-off, shreds literally flew.

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Leon Machère vs. Kaan Yavi: The first face-off ends in chaos – YouTube stars want to fight

This video surfaced: On the Universe Channel YouTube a face-off between Leon Machère and Kaan Yavi was released. It was not previously known that the two YouTubers will soon compete against each other in the ring. Now there is the announcement and the YouTubers attacked each other powerfully at the first meeting.

First, both YouTube stars shot each other verbally. Leon Machère accused his opponent of previously doping himself with illegal substances in Turkey. Kaan Yavi, on the other hand, said his opponent wasn’t fit enough to last 12 rounds of three minutes each.

The two YouTubers then went head to head in the ring. They pushed each other and threw more insults at each other. In the end it even went so far that Leon Machère bit into his opponent’s T-shirt and tore Kaan Yavi’s shirt. With the scrap of fabric as a trophy in his mouth, Leon Machère proudly presented himself in front of the camera.

Leon Machère vs. Kaan Yavi: YouTube stars go at each other face-off.

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Leon Machère vs. Kaan Yavi: What is already known about the boxing match?

Here’s what we know about Universum Fight Night: The latest edition of Universum Fight Night is scheduled for June 25th. There will be more fights there. The main fight this time will be Leon Machère and Kaan Yavi. However, there is no exact time yet.

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This is what we know about the participants: Leon Machère and Kaan Yavi are both no strangers to Universe Fight Night. Leon Machère last fought StandartSkill in February. Kaan Yavi, on the other hand, took on YouTube colleague Denizon in May. Both YouTubers lost their battles. Now they hope to win.

Another boxing match for the evening is also confirmed. There, Momonews and CemTV will compete against each other. The two opponents are also active on social media. CemTV operates a successful YouTube channel, while Momonews is primarily known for its successful Facebook channel.

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