Lian Li in the PCGHX picture thread: This is where fans of the noble case meet – memories

Lian Li in the PCGHX picture thread: This is where fans of the noble case meet - memories

from Stephen Wilke
Connoisseurs usually know at first glance when they are dealing with a Lian-Li case, because the mostly higher-priced aluminum towers often have a minimalist design. In the PC-Games-Hardware-Extreme-Forum there is a picture-thread, which only revolves around casemods of Lian-Li-cases.

At the beginning of the gallery you will find photos from the Image thread for Lian Li users. Unfortunately, the thread has sunk a bit in its slumber, which we would like to change by appealing to fans of elegant cases. Do you trust Lian Li for your PC? Then show the other users your computer!

Thread creator riceball has already uploaded a large number of images and often uses Lian-Li cases for his projects. For example, he photographed his V2010a and V800b. But other community members are also active in the thread: Soap313 presents its PC7FNW, Dukex2 is at the start with a Lian Li armor suit and dome001 can come up with the HTPC model PC-C32B.

Other PCGHX users like Aggr9550, Celina’sPapa have already appeared in the thread. All images can be found in the PC Games Hardware Extreme forum in the Lian Li picture thread, we have immortalized some delicacies in the picture gallery. If you want to present your Lian Li jewelery yourself, use the thread.

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