Ludwig explains why he would be afraid to fight Sykkuno in a boxing match

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Streaming star Ludwig Ahgren has made a list of all the influencers he could beat in the boxing ring…but he’s too intimidated to risk taking on Sykkuno.

The influential boxing bug is at an all time high. First started by Logan Paul and KSI in 2018, the trend has seen a host of YouTubers, streamers, and more bring their rivalries to the ring in the years since.

Creator Clash, a charity boxing event hosted by YouTube star ‘iDubbbz’, also played a major role in his resurgence since the global health crisis in 2020, causing a host of influencers to take an interest in boxing. .

It looks like Ludwig is also jumping on the combat sports bandwagon… if only to make a tier list of likely matchups he would win, lose, or reject outright.

Jose Correa, FrontProof Media

Creator Clash raised over $1.3 million for charity and inspired a host of influencers to step into the ring.

Ludwig had a few stars that he was sure he would beat in the ring, including names like Ninja, Valkyrae, shroud and doublelift, but he wasn’t so sure he could knock out Twitch star Sykkuno.

Despite the size difference between them in Ludwig’s favor, the YouTube streaming star couldn’t help but imagine a scenario where the usually timid Sykkuno pushed himself to become a monstrous opponent.

YouTube: Louis

Ludwig has previously expressed an interest in boxing, with his potential opponent being xQc.

“Objectively, by all wrestling measures, I should be able to physically kill Sykkuno in the ring,” Ludwig began. “Freely speaking, he can’t fight. He has never worked. I’m strong.”

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“Having said that, I don’t think I can fight him,” he continued. “I don’t think he can punch him. I also feel like there’s this possibility… you know how Sykkuno does this where I’ll play a game with him and all of a sudden, even though he’s never played that game before, he’ll show up and be better than me? He would do the same with boxing.”

Ludwig went on to imitate Sykkuno’s calm demeanor in such a situation after “two days” of practice to become a boxing expert… Before finally “rocking [his] Shit, of course.

While it’s unlikely we’ll ever see this actual matchup, it’s certainly a fun thing to think about. Who knows, maybe we’ll see these two in Creator Clash 2 next year.