Mia will be the starting support for TSM in the first weekend of the LCS


TSM announced on June 17 that its new support player from South Korea, Choi ‘Mia’ Sang-in, will start on the main team in the first weekend of the League of Legends Championship Series.

The organization announced just a week ago that Mia would participate in scrims with the main team for Chinese support Wei ‘Shenyi’ Zi-Jie, who the team brought in in December 2021.

TSM had a rough spring split, sending Shenyi and his former mid laner Zhu ‘Keaiduo’ Xiong to the Academy at times and finishing 9th in the regular season, their lowest placement to date.

The team also had to deal with several controversies, including its former head of talent development fleeing the country due to debts and the accusation of harassment from its general manager, Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh.

TSM confirms that Mia is starting


TSM is one of the few remaining question marks when it comes to LCS rosters.

SST confirmed the roster move on June 17 and specified their reasons for adding support to their starting lineup on his subreddit. which included how she brought a new level of consistency to her game in practice and how Mia is the best player in ranged wheelstands, who is in the meta right now.

“Mia and Shenyi have been working with our English tutor and both have significantly improved their communications,” TSM also said in its announcement. “Mia’s communications during training have been particularly good. He is clearly calling information to make the right calls.”

Mia joined TSM Academy on May 3 and is signed through 2024 according to the global contracts database. Before TSM, the 23-year-old competed in Korea, Japan, and Latin America. Notably, she was a stand-in for KT Rolster in 2018.

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The Korean bracket played an Academy series for the organization, a 2-0 win over Cloud9 Academy in which Alistar and Karma played.

TSM will kick off their Summer Split on June 17 in the third match of the day against 100 Thieves, which will be Mia’s debut on the LCS main stage.