Mike Tyson ready to fight Jake Paul but it has to happen “this year”


Legendary boxer and ear-biter Mike Tyson said he is open to fighting YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul, but needs the fight to take place this year.

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul have been dancing around a fight for quite some time now.

The pair of stars have publicly commented on a potential fight multiple times, leaving fans increasingly curious as to when the two will finally meet in the ring.

Now, Tyson has released an official schedule for a potential matchup.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is ready for a fight against Jake Paul.

Mike Tyson ready to fight Jake Paul this year

Iron Mike made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on June 16 when the host asked him if he would seriously consider fighting Jake Paul.

Mike called a matchup against Paul “very interesting” noting that he “never took it too seriously, but yeah.”

He continued, “He’s skilled enough, yes, I’ll give it to him. Because he’s winning… You have to give him credit, he’s beating people he shouldn’t be beating.”

Tyson finished by saying that a fight between him and Paul “has to happen this year.”

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Jimmy then asked Mike if he would continue to fight other YouTubers, such as Mr Beast, to which he sarcastically replied that he would create a “YouTube Championship” where he would gather all the top talent on the video site and box them all up.

Although there is no specific date yet for a fight between Tyson and Paul, this is the clearest timeline we’ve ever had for a fight between them, either in 2022 or not at all.

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