Minecraft’s new DLC wants you to land your ship by mistake

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A new round of Minecraft DLC has just arrived, bringing Buzz Lightyear to the block-building game and transforming your Minecraft experience. The Lightyear DLC costs 1,340 Minecoins in the minecraft market, or about $13, and includes a Lightyear-themed character creation item and a quest pack that recreates Buzz’s inaugural movie in Minecraft. It also allows you to take control of Buzz and several key characters from the movie. You’ll play through five missions spanning a mine, swamp, and alien planets, piloting your own spaceship – or crashing it – between destinations and using a wide array of Lightyear’s signature gadgets and weapons to defeat bosses.

The goal is to save the galaxy from Zurg’s nefarious plans, unsurprisingly, though he looks a bit different than you’d expect from the movies in Lightyear’s DLC trailer.

The pack is available for Minecraft Bedrock, which is basically Minecraft now since Bedrock and Java merged.

It’s a well-rounded little set with a surprising amount to do, and the pre-made worlds and bosses are particularly impressive if you prefer playing in pre-built worlds rather than painstakingly building them yourself, then you certainly could do a lot worse.

The new DLC comes shortly after Microsoft released the long-awaited Wild expansion, which adds several new features and even lets you turn Minecraft into a survival horror game if you so choose, including frog farming, which is more useful than ever. What you think. and the exceptionally useful Recovery Compass item, handy for not losing all of your hard-earned gear if you die.

If this isn’t enough to tide you over until we learn more about Minecraft Legends, the new real-time strategy game Mojang unveiled during the Xbox Bethesda presentation, check out our list of the best Minecraft seeds and mods to dive into some. clever. new worlds

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