New League of Legends champion Nilah teased: Abilities, release date

Avance misterioso del carril inferior en League of Legends

Riot isn’t relaxing on League of Legends champion teasers, with the devs hinting that a “mysterious” bot lane champion is coming in Season 12 called Nilah. Here’s what we know about Champion 161, including who they are and when they’ll appear.

League of Legends Season 12 is kicking off with a slew of champion releases and teasers. First Zeri, then Renata Glasc and Bel’Veth, now a new non-traditional bot laner is on the cards called Nilah.

In a role where marksmen rule, this “mysterious” new champion has a real shot at changing the meta. This is what we know so far.

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League’s new bot laner, named Nilah, will be “mysterious.”

Who is Nilah, the “mysterious” LoL bot lane champion?

Not much was known about the “mysterious” League of Legends bot lane champion, but that changed on June 17 when we finally learned her name: Nilah.

shared riot a quick 10 second teaser on social media showing someone walking alongside water with a blue hue to their feet. It’s probably Nilah. as confirmed by the official Facebook account – who we’ve been waiting for.

Earlier, developer Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles shared a small snippet of his background during the Season 12 launch livestream.

he described them as a “very mysterious, non-traditional bot lane champ that we’re releasing later this year.”

A series of hands arranged in an artistic spiral with deep blues and purples. It has a great Ionian vibe to it, which will be interesting given that there aren’t many Ionia bot laners ⁠— Xayah is (technically) almost the only one.

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However, everything about their team⁠—other than the fact that they won’t be traditional, which generally means they’re not marksmen⁠—remains to be seen.

The related segment starts at 7:55.

On April 18, Reav3 shared some new lore on the bot lane seemingly focused on melee. A fight at “Oyster Bill’s Oyster Shack” revealed some features players can expect when the unique shooter lands.

Known for his cheerful laughthe shooter is a “stranger from the land of a thousand colors” across the seas of Runeterra. They presumably fight with a water-based skill kit since they left “strange bright puddles everywhere” while creating a mist effect during battle.

Aside from his laughter, “the sound of splashing water” was strongly connected to the new shooter.

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This teaser image was shared with gamers in April of what is supposed to be Nilah.

Nilah release date in League of Legends

All we know about LoL’s non-traditional bot lane champion is that it will be released in Season 12. sometime in 2022. However, since the teasers are rolling out now, players likely won’t have long to wait.

We’ll keep you updated with the latest on this mysterious champion as Riot releases more information.