Reddit Is Giving This Gen 3 Pokemon An Absolute Roast, And They’re Right To Do It

luvdisc reddit pokemon roast

Credit: The Pokémon Company

At the time of writing this report, just over 900 known Pokemon in all eight generations of main games and spin-offs. There is even more if you consider the rookies that have appeared as part of generation 9. scarlet pokemon Y Violet.

Given the wide range of pocket monsters we have available, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who thinks all of them are a success, be it in design, functionality, or gameplay. However, one Reddit user seems to unite PokéFans on the internet with their seemingly unanimous hatred for one Pokémon in particular.

Generation 3 Luvdisc. *insert ‘dun-dun-dunnn’ dramatic music here*

Why does it look so weird from the front? Thanks, I hate it.
Credit: The Pokémon Company

Reddit user u/-____–_–_–_- (yes, that’s his actual username) posted an image of this water-type native to the Hoenn region, with a simple yet powerful statement: “The most pathetic Pokémon I’ve ever seen.”

For context, Luvdisc, classified as the Rendezvous Pokemon, is about 2 feet tall, has a flat body, and surprisingly doesn’t evolve. It doesn’t have any special in-game benefits, aside from being often found holding a Heart Scale, and it has a pretty pitiful base stat of 330.

Any other Pokemon with that total represents the first Pokemon in an evolution line. Well, except Delibird, who only learns two moves by leveling up.

Credit: Reddit

It would seem that most people… agree. Oh! Luvdisc fans, look the other way.

Many people also expressed their shock, disappointment, and utter confusion that Luvdisc didn’t evolve into Alomomola, a Gen 5 Water-type that…is just a bigger heart-shaped fish. Can you blame them?

However, don’t be too embarrassed if you’re a Luvdisc apologist. You are not alone!

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It is not known if Luvdisc will rear its useless head in scarlet pokemon Y Violetso we will have to look forward to the release of the game later this year.