Ron Bielecki: YouTuber about alcohol consumption – “This is my relaxation”

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After Ron Bielecki’s freak out, the next shit storm follows for the YouTuber. In a video he talks extensively about his own alcohol consumption.

Berlin – The internet just hasn’t left a good hair on Ron Bielecki lately. The former fitness influencer and today’s lifestyle YouTuber is hardly making good headlines at the moment, even friends and acquaintances are critical and concerned about him after a recent freak in the live stream. Now a video has also circulated on YouTube in which Bielecki talks more about his alcohol consumption – he has opened a whole new keg that has the community on the scene.

Full name Ron Bielecki
birthday Aug. 24, 1998
Place of birth Berlin
Followers on YouTube 535,000 (as of June 2022)
Followers on Instagram 683,000 (as of June 2022)

Ron Bielecki: Interview about alcohol and role model function

What happened? We remember: on June 10, an ugly video went online that showed Ron Bielecki in the live stream. In it he mobbed against “low earners” and, apparently drunk, got into a fight with an employee of a security company. Since then, the former fitness influencer has been increasingly caught in the crossfire of his community and other content creators. Even MontanaBlack and Pietro Lombardi intervened through Ron Bielecki. In the meantime, the latter has made a statement about the situation, but Bielecki has attracted attention again with an appearance in an interview on YouTube.

Who was Bielecki interviewed by? On June 10th, right after his freak out video, Ron Bielecki appeared in an interview with Leeroy Matata. A few well-known influencers and YouTubers have already answered questions about Matata in the past few months, the most recent is now with the self-proclaimed “Inventor of the tornado” personally. That Interview with Bielecki However, it must have been pre-produced, otherwise he would have said something different about some things – especially when the subject of alcohol came up.

Ron Bielecki talks about alcohol after freaking out – reaps Shitstorm on YouTube

© Ron Bielecki/YouTube (Leeroy Matata) (montage)

What did the YouTuber say about alcohol? During the course of the interview, Leeroy Matata frankly asked what the alcohol meant to Ron. He had a clear answer: “That’s how I relax, I lean back and am in a good mood.‘ On top of that, he said it would help with the girls on Mykonos if you ‘suddenly able to speak English very well.”

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After all, Bielecki also talks about the negative sides of alcohol consumption, be it psychological or physical. After all, alcohol is a drug, as he also states in the video. With his alcohol metabolism, however, Ron Bielecki would not worry that he was there “genetically blessed.

Ron Bielecki: Comments on YouTube criticize both interviewees

How is the internet reacting? After the interview and the accompanying freak out that Ron Bielecki allowed himself, the response from the community is anything but benevolent. Some see the YouTuber’s mere presence as a personal affront. As one comment writes: “Recognized low earners don’t feel much sympathy towards Ron right now.” Hardly anyone has anything positive to say about his lifestyle and his public dealings with alcohol.

  • “So Ron doesn’t have any reflection nor does he seem able to actually see what’s wrong with his current lifestyle. He should do what he wants with his life – it won’t be long before he feels the effects.” – Emely Weber
  • “Continuous consumption affects the psyche. Sometimes it just takes a little longer. Take care Ron” – badi07
  • “I find it very exciting how we can watch the disintegration of a person and this is also celebrated.” – Chje ster

Not only Ron Bielecki comes off badly in the interview. The comments also have a few critical words for Leeroy Matata. Especially with Bielecki’s statements about alcohol in connection with getting to know women, many would have wished that Matata had viewed the whole thing with a more critical eye. In general, he was not critical enough with Bielecki in the interview, the whole topic of alcohol consumption would be “presented too positively“. There is probably a need for further refurbishment.

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Rubric list image: © Ron Bielecki/YouTube (Leeroy Matata) (montage)