Ryu Gets A Clever New Theme In Street Fighter 6, But Fans Aren’t Happy

Ryu Gets A Clever New Theme In Street Fighter 6, But Fans Aren't Happy

Street Fighter has long been known for its music: from the earliest days of the series, the game’s characters have been given their own themes that pump players up during a fight. Whether it’s the infamous Guile theme (which clearly goes with everything) from Street Fighter 2 or the incredible Rashid theme from Street Fighter 5, the music that accompanies the series is almost as important as the gameplay.

Living up to that reputation, Capcom revealed a new Ryu theme for street fighter 6 yesterday. You can see it (well, hear it) embedded in this article, below. While anyone with ears can hear that this new track (named Viator) is funky, upbeat, and most importantly catchy enough to withstand multiple listens, some fans are complaining that it’s not Ryu’s classic theme. .

A quick look at the comments on the Youtube video, or below the tweet announcing the new theme, shows that fans basically want one thing, and one thing only: the classic Ryu theme.

Viator is upbeat, funky and sounds… happy! Does this reflect the fact that the fighter has finally managed to control the Satsui no Hado and feels much better for it? Does it reflect the fact that he finally has his life figured out, while his contemporary Ken seems to be wading deep into Kirk Van Houten territory? Who knows. I think it’s nice that Ryu has something different, but fans are clamoring for something a little more understated.

“No, this doesn’t suit Ryu’s mood and state of consciousness,” he says. a Twitter user in response to the topic. “This music has a crisp, chaotic, exalted, colourful, playful, light notation… that’s not Ryu.”

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“Everything in this game looks great, but these new themes are just…unnecessary,” he says. other. “The classics are the classics, do not change something that is not necessary.”

“Ouch. First Chun-Li, now Ryu,” he says. other (edited for clarity). “Iconic themes, gone. Please have an option for classic themes or even SF6-style remixes, because this isn’t Ryu at all. Bummed about this, as everything else looks perfect.”

It’s easy to understand why people are salty: change is hard to accept! – but this is a new generation of Street Fighter that will naturally come with some new additions and some notable departures. If we have to trade classic tracks for verified hits like this, so be it! There will probably be some kind of DLC or bonus that allows you to get some legacy music somewhere – enjoy the new music while it’s fresh and let that bass line take over your soul.

It’s what Ryu, the happy new Ryu, would want.

Street Fighter 6 launches in 2023 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC (via Steam).