Sonic Team Boss Says 2D And 3D Sonic Games Will Stay Separate

Sonic Team Boss Says 2D And 3D Sonic Games Will Stay Separate

It seems that Sonic games will no longer mix 2D and 3D, as the boss of Sonic Team says in an interview that his strategy is changing.

the Sonic the Hedgehog The series is most notable for switching things between titles with varying degrees of success. pleasing each Sonic possible fan is something that Sonic Team has notably struggled with for quite some time. While titles like sonic unleashed Y generations tried to please a good number of fans with a game that mixed 2D and 3D, it seems that this is not the direction that the series will take in the future. Sonic Team has stated that it will no longer put the 2D and 3D perspectives of Sonic together never again.


sonic frontiers marks the series’ first foray into open-world territory. For this reason, many fans have been curious to know what will be the next Sonic would be the title since it was formally revealed at the Game Awards. As players waited for new information, leaks surfaced, with many of these leaks mentioning that in the more linear parts of the game, the gameplay remained in 3D throughout.

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As part of an interview with Video Games Chronicle, it looks like fans now have an answer as to why this is the case. Takashi Iizuka, the current head of Sonic Team, has stated that lumping 2D and 3D game styles together “to make everyone happy doesn’t work”. Instead of bundling them together as seen in previous versions, Iizuka states that it’s now about “delivering the game formats that people want.”

From what Iizuka states in the interview with VGC, it seems that Sonic Team decided to follow this approach after how it went in 2017 for the Sonic franchise. The team leader states that despite sonic forces‘ mixed reception, it was a year the series released a 2D and 3D title, and “everyone was happy”. This seems to be Sonic Team’s strategy going forward as Iizuka also states that replicating this strategy is the reason. sonic origins Y sonic frontiers They come out in the same year.

It is understandable why this was the lesson learned from Cash Y mania double release that year, since even though Cash It didn’t sell very well. Mania it was incredibly well received. With both games, it was a pretty good year for Sonic. Even when some players were not satisfied with Cash, they had Mania to fall again.

However, this begs the question of what will come after sonic origins. If this is truly the franchise’s strategy going forward, there must be something to match the 2D side of Sonic coming soon after the collection launches in June. The developers of sonic mania most of them have moved, and sonic equipment has said that there is not mania 2 In the works. It looks like fans will just have to wait and see how this strategy plays out for Sonic going forward.

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