Squid Game: Netflix plans reality show with real participants

Squid Game becomes real: Netflix is ​​planning a reality show for the series

Squid Game, the hit series from Netflix, caused a stir around the world. Now the streaming provider wants to produce a reality show for the series.

Los Gatos, California – The controversial series Squid Game caused a lot of conversation last September. The dark and violent show was a hit on Netflix and has since been renewed for a second season, which is set to go into production soon. Until then, however, the streaming provider is already planning to provide fans of the series with further content about the brutal game.

name of the series Squid Game: The Challenge
Offerer Netflix
genre reality show
episodes 10
release date 2023 (expected)

Squid Game: The Netflix series becomes a reality show – streaming service is looking for volunteers

Now Netflix has released a teaser for a reality show to be called “Squid Game: The Challenge”. A total of 456 players will compete there and fight for real money in the ten-part show in various challenges. In contrast to the “Squid Game” series, the games in the show are of course harmless. However, the amount Netflix is ​​promising as a profit is more than substantial.

Millions of dollars are at stake for the participants

For the participants in Netflix’s new show, it’s about a total of 4.56 million US dollars. However, only the winner of the show will probably leave the show with the win, it seems as if all other players will get nothing. When exactly the new show will appear on Netflix is ​​not yet certain, as Netflix is ​​apparently still looking for volunteer participants.

Netflix is ​​apparently planning a reality show for the dark hit series from Korea.

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A reality show modeled on the Netflix series Squid Game: The idea isn’t entirely new

In fact, the concept of bringing the Squid Game to reality isn’t entirely new. Last year, the American YouTube star MrBeast recreated the well-known series with real candidates and thus landed a viral hit on YouTube. He had the sets and games of the series recreated for the equivalent of 3.5 million dollars in production costs and put his participants in costumes that were almost true to the original.

YouTube star MrBeast produced his own Squid Game last year.

© MrBeast

MrBeast contestant became a social media star after video

As if that wasn’t absurd enough, he paid out around $456,000 in prize money. As of today, the video has over 258 million views on the video platform. The high production costs will certainly have paid off for the YouTube star. The action on YouTube even made such waves that some participants became stars on social media themselves. In particular, young Texas model Camilla Araujo stole the show from MrBeat’s remake of the Squid Game.

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Netflix is ​​currently recruiting for the reality show based on Squid Game

You can even apply to participate on the website for the new, official Netflix show. However, if you want to play, you should be at least 21 years old and have about four weeks to shoot in spring 2023. Netflix recently released a teaser for the second season of “Squid Game”, and the reality show may then be broadcast at the same time. As a release date, the end of 2023 would be quite conceivable. It remains to be seen whether the planned reality show will be as big a hit as its template.

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