Starfield: Analysis of the performance of the first gameplay

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Digital Foundry has published its gameplay analysis of the performance of the first gameplay of the role-playing game Starfield.

The experts and pixel counters at Digital Foundry (DF) took a closer look at the Starfield gameplay reveal and talk about it in their latest video.

According to the video, Bethesda Games presented the first gameplay in native 4K at 2160p. However, there are differences in the images shown. The gameplay with the HUD displayed is in 4K and shows razor-sharp edges, but you can still see clear steps along the edges.

In contrast, TAA was used in the cinematic shots, similar to Fallout 4, which DF believes should also correspond to the final product.

Many other details failed the experts, although not all of them can be deciphered based on the available material. For example, whether the sky was represented with a volumetric sky system or just a simpler dome.

The large distance drawing in outdoor areas, in which there are even shadows, or the use of fog effects, for example, made a positive impression.

As for the framerate, it says the footage was only rendered at 30 FPS, so it’s difficult to make an accurate analysis of the FPS. However, on DF recognizes that there were some performance issues and stuttering that pushed the Starfield below 30 FPS.

The complete analysis in the video:

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