Stranger Things 4: How Jamie Campbell Bower becomes Vecna

In two weeks it’s finally time: The final episodes of the fourth season from StrangerThings go on July 1, 2022 on Netflix at the start.

As if the excitement wasn’t big enough, the streaming provider feeds us – or rather the Facebook page Netflix Geeked – regularly with Behind-the-scenes bitesso also with transformation videos.

The Faces of Jamie Campbell Bower

The probably most interesting, because most complex transformation, goes through it Jamie Campbell Bower alias Henry Creel, Number One or Vecna.

Unlike in his previous roles, for example as a young man Grindelwald at Harry Potter (The Deathly Hallows) or Volturi vampire Caius in the Twilight Sagathe masquerade for “Stranger Things” apparently requires a lot of patience for the Brit.

In the recently published on Facebook Videothanks to time-lapse only 39 seconds long, the actor makes phone calls, writes messages and treats himself to various drinks from a well-known coffee house chain – much to the amusement of the users* while he layer by layer to his monstrous serial character.

We have found an even shorter video for you, in which the development can still be seen clearly:

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Stranger Things 4: How One Becomes Vecna

The change from Henry or Eins to the dark figure Vecna ​​is also to see in episode seven of the fourth season – of course a lot painfulr and pompous, thanks to the special effects.

There he is from Eleven through a portal into upside down promoted after causing a massacre at the Hawkings National Laboratory research facility. At his fall in the other dimension he is partially burned and ultimately becomes the disfigured monster that makes life hell for the people of Hawkins. In reality, apart from the thread of patience, nothing else seems to be strained.

StrangerThingsStranger Things 4: Preview trailer for the grand finale shows Vecna ​​vs. Eleven

The work of the artist team around Makeup artist Barrie Gower (among others game of Thrones, Doctor Strange) is still impressive. The production of the individual – attention, disgust factor! – Skin flap certainly took weeks or more. However, the hard work was worth it for the result.

Definitely Elf and her friends will be in grand finale of season 4 meet Vecna ​​again on July 1, 2022. Until then, it will be interesting to see how it all turns out.

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