Street Fighter 6 Fans Kick Off After Capcom Changes Ryu’s ‘Iconic’ Theme

an image of Ryu from Street Fighter 6

Capcom has released Ryu’s new theme song in Street Fighter 6, but some fans are quite unhappy about the change from his “iconic” theme from Street Fighter 2.

Capcom recently unveiled a bunch of Street Fighter 6 content following a Sony State of Play event that aired on June 2.

During the reveal, fans got a much better idea of ​​the new hip-hop and funk-inspired direction Capcom would be taking on the iconic fighting game series in Street Fighter 6.

Now, Capcom has unveiled Ryu’s new theme song for SF6, and many fans aren’t happy about the change to remix Ryu’s most iconic theme from Street Fighter 2.

Capcom reveals new Ryu theme for Street Fighter 6


Ryu’s new look reflects the growth the character has had since he began his journey in the arcade title, Street Fighter.

The official Street Fighter The Twitter account sent out a tweet saying, “Listen to Ryu’s new theme to feel the journey he’s been on and his excitement for the new one that awaits him in Street Fighter 6.”

Ryu’s new theme exudes the funk and hip-hop DNA that permeates the aesthetic of Street Fighter 6, making it yet another bombastic reinvention for the series’ protagonist.

However, many fans are unsatisfied with Ryu’s new theme, citing a massive departure from the iconic Ryu theme that debuted in 1991’s Street Fighter 2.

“Yeah… we’re going to need their iconic themes as an option lol. Of all the amazing reveals, music so far has been its weakest reveal,” the Twitter user said. lariat_dubman.

Other fans echoed the sentiment, such as kabrutustallone who replied: “Everything in this game looks fantastic, but these new themes are just…unnecessary. The classics are classics, do not change something that is not necessary”.

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However, many fans have responded to defend Capcom’s decision to reinvent Ryu’s theme in Street Fighter 6.

“I see people hating this song… This is a new generation of Street Fighter and I’m going to be honest. I don’t want to hear Ryu’s SF2 for the hundredth time. This theme is funky. I’ll listen to it on repeat,” the Twitter user wrote. Keyblade Hero_05.

While some may not like the new direction Capcom is taking with the Street Fighter 6 soundtrack, it’s clear that Capcom is ready to reinvigorate the Street Fighter franchise in some pretty big ways moving forward.