TERA brings one last quest before shutdown, but you can’t play it

TERA brings one last quest before shutdown, but you can't play it

At the end of June, the developers are shutting down the MMORPG TERA after more than 10 years. To end the story, they bring in one final quest. You can’t play them, you can only watch them.

Lucky Korean players were able to actually play TERA’s final quest while the rest of the world watched. The official YouTube account of the game has uploaded a video that you can watch here:

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This is how TERA’s story ends.

An NPC addresses a crowd of characters in the video and says to them in English, “You are the shield that defended Arborea. Nevertheless, we unfortunately have to go our separate ways. Your courage, your strength of will…we will never forget you”.

What game is TERA? In TERA, which by the way is the abbreviation for “The Exiled Realm of Aborea”, you can complete quests and defeat opponents. You choose your hero from 13 different classes.

The MMORPG offers a variety of dungeons and an action-packed combat system. In combat you have to keep moving and block or dodge attacks.

TERA closes even though the game wasn’t doing too bad

The conclusion of TERA came as a surprise to many fans. The last major update came in February 2022, bringing new dungeons while overhauling old ones. A new season pass also launched. There were also regular events in TERA.

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Why is TERA closing anyway? In April, western publisher Gameforge announced that developer Bluehole would not produce any new content. So they felt compelled to shut down the western version of the game as well.

Although TERA was no longer one of the biggest MMORPGs, it was doing much better than other games in this genre. The Steam version, which was released in 2017, still recorded several hundred simultaneous players.

What do you think of the definitive end of TERA? Have you ever played the MMORPG, or were you still actively involved? Is it a shame about the game for you, or was it time for something new anyway? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

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