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The Quarry characters

The Quarry has recruited an impressive array of horror actors for its leading roles. Here’s a full cast list with character summaries.

The Quarry is the spiritual successor to Supermassive’s horror game Till Dawn, featuring another group of teenagers who happen to be in the wrong place on the wrong night.

The game It plays out like an interactive horror movie, and as such has a pretty impressive cast, with several veteran members of the genre. Here’s a breakdown of each cast member and an explanation of the character they play.

Naturally, we’ll keep the following information spoiler-free. Anything we say here will be immediately obvious from the start of the game.


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Who will get out alive?

Cast and characters of La cantera

Here’s a full breakdown of Quarry’s voice actors and the characters they play:

Abigail (Ariel Winter)

abigail the quarry
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Abigail is the quintessential ‘final girl’, but that’s up to you.

Abi is a sweet girl, a bit of a nerd, who is Emma’s best friend, much more confident in herself. She has a crush on the nice guy at camp, Nick, but she worries that he doesn’t share her feelings.

Abi has all the makings of a traditional horror ‘Final Girl’. However, there is no guarantee that she will fulfill that role when the sun rises.

Ryan (Justice Smith)

ryan the quarry
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Ryan is a horror fanatic. He knows the rules.

Ryan is described as a “brooding loner” and spends most of his time listening to horror podcasts and telling ghost stories. He has a close friendship with Chris Hackett, the owner of the camp, and takes his duties as a counselor very seriously.

As in all horror stories, Ryan is the character at the forefront and knows the rules of horror better than most, but will that be enough to keep him alive?

Nick (Evan Evagora)

nick the quarry
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Nick is a good guy, but the good guys end up last in horror.

Nick is a decent and well-regarded member of the camp who is best friends with the much more outgoing Dylan. He reciprocates Abigail’s feelings, but isn’t sure how to act on them.

While Nick is a good guy, even he has limits when his survival is threatened.

Dylan (Miles Robbins)

dylan the quarry
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Dylan is the comic relief of the game, but will that keep him safe?

Dylan is Nick’s loud and confident best friend who enjoys teasing Jacob and flirting with Ryan. He also considers Kaitlyn a soul mate, but a rival for Ryan’s affections.

He is also usually the first character to run into danger, as life is one big adventure, but his last night in Hackett’s Quarry could end in tragedy.

Jacob (Zach Tinker)

jacob the quarry
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Jacob pines for Emma throughout the game.

Jacob seems like a braggart athlete, but it soon becomes clear that he’s actually a very insecure young man who just doesn’t want the best summer of his life to end.

He has enjoyed a summer fling with Emma, ​​but wishes it was more than that. How far is he willing to go to get her back after she breaks up with her?

Kaitlyn (Brenda song)

kaitlyn the quarry
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Kaitlyn may be a mean girl, but her toughness just might get her through the night.

Kaitlyn is the self-confessed bad girl of the group, but really, this is a survival mechanism. She has a crush on Ryan and openly competes with Dylan to win her over.

Kaitlyn is also good in a crisis, which is helpful, considering what’s about to happen in Hackett’s Quarry.

Emma (Sage Halston)

emma the quarry
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Emma is an influencer who never hangs up her phone.

After ending her summer romance with Jacob, Emma looks forward to returning home to her legions of fans online. However, Jacob will not be dismissed so easily.

Emma also needs to put down her phone and realize the group is in grave danger, but could her constant vlogging be a blessing in disguise?

Laura (Siobhan Williams)

laura the quarry
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Laura doesn’t make it to camp, but that’s not the end of her story.

Laura, along with her boyfriend Max, is one of the protagonists of the prologue chapter of The Quarry and one of the most important characters in history.

A counselor who never actually made it to summer camp, her story is told through flashbacks. She too soon clashes with the main story in dramatic fashion.

Max (Skyler Gisondo)

max the quarry
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Max has a very important role in solving the great mystery of The Quarry.

Max is Laura’s boyfriend who hides a big secret. However, he soon has bigger problems to deal with when his and Laura’s car goes off the road on the way to Hackett’s Quarry.

The question is, what caused his accident and what has happened to Max since then?

Chris “Mr H” (David Arquette)

chris the quarry
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Chris has more skeletons in his camp closet than Jason Voorhees.

Chris Hackett is the owner of Hackett’s Quarry and the annual summer camp. He is a kind man who is wary of technology and wants campers to have an authentic experience free from distractions.

However, who are you receiving threatening phone calls from? And why is he so interested in getting the campers out of Hackett’s Quarry before dark?

Travis (Ted Raimi)

travis the quarry
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Travis is the local sheriff who knows more than he’s letting on.

Travis is the creepy town sheriff who is clearly connected to Hackett’s Quarry in some way. Laura and Max meet him very early in the game and both parties are very suspicious of each other.

What is Travis hiding? And what is it about summer camp that scares you so much?

Bobby (Ethan Suplee)

bobby the quarry
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There is more to the great Bobby than meets the eye.

Bobby is an imposing and menacing hunter who is setting traps all over the camp. He seems hostile to some campers and protective of others, so what exactly is his deal? And what is he hunting him?

Like most characters in The Quarry, Bobby has a secret, but the player’s actions, as well as his own, will dictate how understanding the character becomes.

Constance (Lin Shaye)

Constance the Quarry
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Constance is the true power behind the Hackett family.

Constance is the matriarch of the Hackett family and seeks only to protect her family, even if it means engaging in acts of utter cruelty against the innocent.

While her goal is to avoid bloodshed, she will quickly abandon him if she or her kin are threatened in any way.

Jedediah (Lance Henriksen)

Jedidiah the quarry
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Jedidiah leads a hunting party, but for what?

Jedidiah is Constance’s husband and the patriarch of the Hackett family. He is leading a hunting party through Hackett’s Quarry, but is he hunting campers? Or do you have your sights set on another goal?

Either way, Jedidiah is a dangerous man and he’s prepared to use deadly force against anyone who gets in his way.

Eliza (Grace Zabriskie)

eliza the quarry
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Eliza is ready to help the player, but she has her own agenda.

Eliza is one of the most mysterious and important characters in The Quarry. She will help the player by reading tarot cards to predict the future, but as the night progresses, it becomes clear that she has goals of her own.

The question is, is she friend or foe? And what is her connection to the Hackett family, the campers, and the unseen threat that lurks in the dark?

So there you have it, a full breakdown of the main cast and characters from Supermassive’s horror game The Quarry.

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