This is how pretty a Bloodborne 2 could look in Unreal Engine 5

Bloodborne would do very well in Unreal Engine 5.

Bloodborne would do very well in Unreal Engine 5.

There is no trace of Bloodborne 2, we don’t even have a 60fps patch for Bloodborne on PS5 yet. But of course that doesn’t stop eager fans from dreaming. Some just make their dreams come true themselves. In this case, that means there’s an unofficial fan trailer for the hypothetical Bloodborne 2. It was made in Unreal Engine 5 and looks really impressive and promising. At least that’s how we would definitely play it.

Bloodborne 2 may not be real, but it looks damn good

Like, Bloodborne 2? If your heart skipped a little now, we have to disappoint you. No, unfortunately Bloodborne 2 has not been officially announced. On the contrary: Because the sequel is still a long time coming, fans are taking their fate into their own hands. One of them made this absolutely fantastic trailer for the theoretically conceivable sequel.

Check out the Bloodborne 2 Fan Concept Trailer below:

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What to see A pretty impressive fan trailer was created with the help of Unreal Engine 5. He shows us landscapes, castles, ominous alleys and other dark areas in the moonlight. They would fit really well into a Bloodborne 2. The character model looks impressive too. Above all, the atmosphere, lighting and also the textures are really impressive in 4K.

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But we would otherwise also this Bloodborne remaster take here:

Please give me a Bloodborne remaster that looks exactly like this!


more on the subject

Please give me a Bloodborne remaster that looks exactly like this!

Again to be sure: This is not an official trailer, just an unofficial fan project. In a way, a finger exercise with the Unreal Engine 5. Various other, similar videos have already shown that its possibilities are quite impressive. You can take a look at them here:

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What would a Bloodborne 2 have to look like for you to make you happy? What do you wish?