Those were the days… when Blizzard made fun of Pay2Win

Diablo Immortal, Arclight Rumble, Blizzard Mobile - the main thing is hate (1)

The term Pay2Win is a red rag for most gamers and an absolute no-go in games. Diablo Immortal is currently proving this very emphatically. However, such types of monetization have been on the market since the first Free2Play games and have repeatedly shown that they work – at least from the point of view of the respective finance departments. Therefore, for many, many years, there has been a fear that with every new Free2Play, Pay2Win will also be introduced.

Everyone defines Pay2Win a little bit differently. Sometimes it is laid out more generously and sometimes petty – depending on the genre. But it is clear that if you can “buy” a clear, playful advantage in a PvP game, then the limit to Pay2Win has clearly been crossed. Many years ago, Blizzard saw the same thing as not being allowed to exist in large multiplayer titles.

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