Valorant – New map Pearl brings impressive underwater setting

Valorant - New map Pearl brings impressive underwater setting

Valorant gets within the framework of Act 2, Episode 5 a new card. She bears the name Pearl and comes with a remarkable setting. Find the combat operations under water instead – but of course with a twist.

Pearl is a possible scenario, like humanity with climatic changes bypasses Because actually it is Map in Portugal settled, but due to the climate, people had to come up with something in this futuristic imagination.

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Valorant map Pearl underwater

Kind Lead Brian Yam from Riot Games says it was inspired by a flooded city feeling the ravages of climate change. He explains:

“Pearl is set on Omega Earth and we wanted to explore how the Omega Kingdom would approach climate change and how we could visualize that idea.”

So the idea that the cities were preserved, just located under the water, was the perfect orientation for the visualization in the end.

That’s how they meet industrial items of Kingdom Industries on the ancient structures of Portugal. And cultural elements from Portugal can be found throughout Pearl. Be it Portuguese murals or the appropriate music.

What is remarkable about the Map Pearl?

Lately there have always been some gimmicks like climbing ropes or teleporters. But none of that will happen on Pearl. It will be a very conventional map, with a more classic approach. There is however three lanes and corresponding points for the spike.

So if you are at the expansive mid lane of Breeze or the Icebox climbing ropes disturbed you, you get the all-clear here. Pearl seems to be headed more towards Haven.

Patch 5.0 (with Episode 5, Act 1) will be released on June 22, 2022. As usual, Pearl will be playable in a dedicated queue for two weeks before starting in ranked matches.

Pearl comes and Split goes. In a further message we’ll tell you what the new map pool is all about and why Split probably taken out becomes.

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