WoSchCa 6/17/22: Corpses in the garden shed and Diablo discussions – News

WoSchCa 6/17/22: Corpses in the garden shed and Diablo discussions - News


Even on this early Friday evening, we don’t just want to let you into the weekend – how are you supposed to get there with pleasure if you don’t have your beloved Redis in your ear first? So what!

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The sun is burning outside, tempers inside: Hagen and Jörg meet for the week-end podcast, our exclusive chat for friendly premium users.

  • 00:26 Welcome by Quietsche-Hagen and Master Jörg.
  • 02:44 Hagen has olfactory visions of smoke from a barbecue.
  • 04:20 Jörg “I play the way I play” Langers Elden ring-Letsplay enters its sixth season, Live event on 28.6. from 19:00. We are looking for three nice phantoms!
  • 8:38 We remember the issues of the last seven days. Because it wasn’t E3. Of diablo 4 we come to the discussion of our test (revised at the beginning of the week). Diablo Immortal.
  • 17:15 What else happened last week that wasn’t E3 week? Bethesda’s delayed departure Starfield naturally.
  • 20:50 Were there any real surprises in the non-E3 days? We are developing thoughts on the E3 in 2023 and on the old ones and specifically the “Hotel-E3” from 2007.
  • 25:30 No Ubisoft June event, but there was a 6-minute stream Assassin’s Creed with announcement to announce in September!
  • 26:25 Some resident Evil-Updates are enthusiastically discussed by Hagen and Jörg.
  • 28:06 A spontaneous one Lex Rammses is introduced, spontaneously extended from four to six years, but then spontaneously reduced back to five before Jörg Hagen sets a nasty trap. Will he grope in?
  • 30:30 Last To Know wrote a GamersGlobal review, too born punk from Insert Disk 22, a beautifully pixelated adventure set on an island in the Baltic Sea.
  • 33:33 What are we planning for the…
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Published on 05/27/2022: Dennis and Hagen deal with new game series, the fascination of stretching the rules in games and the importance of previews today.

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