WoW: Shadowlands Dungeons Bonus Week June 22nd

WoW: Arena Skirmish Bonus Week

from Norbert Raetz
The next bonus week in World of Warcraft starts on June 22nd and it is dedicated to the dungeons of the current Shadowlands expansion. Here’s your chance to snag extra loot from the final boss in every dungeon on all difficulties (excluding Mythic Keystone difficulty). Below you will find all information about the event!

Attention dungeon farmers: In the current World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion, the popular one begins again on Wednesday, June 22nd Bonus Week for Dungeonswhere the final boss in each dungeon drops additional loot on all difficulties – except difficulty mythical keystones. This is also a good opportunity for newcomers to jump into the instances.

Don’t forget to include the quest “Emissary of War”. Manager Kah-Toll in the Hall of Custody in Oribos before you log in, so that your efforts will be rewarded with a treasure chest with valuable equipment! This reward requires completing dungeons on Mythic difficulty (but not on Mythic Keystone difficulty).

This week opens the group browser (Default shortcut keys: i) and then select the Dungeon Finder to browse any dungeon of Shadowlands on Normal or Heroic difficulty. Or you can round up a group of experienced fighters and travel to one of the dungeons Shadowlands on Mythic difficulty. The following dungeons are in the pool:

  • The other side
  • The Bloody Depths
  • The Necrotic Trail
  • Halls of Atonement
  • Mist of Tirna Scithe
  • plaguefall
  • peaks of ascent
  • Theater of Pain