Xbox’s Indie Summerfest brings you a week of demos

Xbox's Indie Summerfest brings you a week of demos

This year’s [email protected] Summer Game Fest once again brings you a number of demos to try out.

More than 30 demos for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S are expected, starting next week.

Almost a week time

The [email protected] Summer Game Fest starts Tuesday, June 21, 2022. You have until Monday, June 27, 2022 to check out the demos.

“These ‘game demos’ aren’t the norm,” is it[called. “The demos you see in our demo channel are usually created after the game is finished (or almost finished) and represent a near-final version. Consider these a kind of ‘showfloor demo’ and not necessarily as an indicator of the final product.”

The complete demo list is not yet available, but know that Batora: Lost Heaven, Broken Pieces, Severed Steel and Tinykin are included.

The complete list should be published before the start of the [email protected] Summer Game Fest.

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