A Skyrim Fan Makes a Giant Sleeping Inn Sign in Real Life

Skyrim Fan Makes Real-Life Sleeping Giant Inn Sign

The world of Skyrim it is huge and filled with many unique places for players to visit. Unsurprisingly, many players have traveled to most of these destinations found in the game over the past decade. For example, one of the places in Skyrim that players can visit during their travels is the Sleeping Giant Inn.

Located in the town of Riverwood, the Sleeping Giant Inn is run by Delphine and is a worthwhile stopping point for weary adventurers. Not only does it have accommodations for those who need to rest, but it also has other amenities for players to use, such as Alchemy Labs. Recently, a fan of Skyrim chose to remake a classic piece of this inn in the real world.


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On Reddit, a user known as KitLivingstone shared an image of an impressive woodworking project they had recently completed. However, this woodwork stood out because they had decided to carve a real-life version of the Sleeping Giant Inn sign found in Skyrim. In the image, the real-life woodcarving shares many of the same characteristics as its in-game counterpart. For example, the name of the inn was at the top of the sign, while a beautifully carved figure of a sleeping giant occupied the bottom of the design. Additionally, the wood carving was painted to match the colors of the one seen on Skyrim.

Interestingly, KitLivingstone did more than just show off the artwork on Reddit. Additionally, they revealed the steps required to create the finely detailed woodcarving. According to the Reddit user, the sign was carved from sweetgum wood using a CNC machine. After this was complete, his wife painted it. Furthermore, they revealed that they intended to make even more signs based on places in Skyrim In the next weeks.

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As expected, several members of the Skyrim The community on Reddit has commented on this amazing real-life Sleeping Giant Inn poster. In just a couple of days, KitLivingstone’s post garnered over 4,600 upvotes. Among the comments, many praised the level of detail seen in the piece. In addition to complimenting the artist on his work, some believed that the design of the sleeping giant on the sign resembled Hagrid from the Harry Potter Serie.

It will be interesting to see what other creations they are fans of. old documents the series will be done in the next few days. While it is likely that many hope to create works of art based on the development Elder Scrolls 6, it seems that the game still has a long way in the future. Until Bethesda reveals more news about that project, gamers like KitLivingstone and his wife will likely continue to create stunning artwork based on The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim It is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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