June 18 Wordle Reply 364

June 18 Wordle Reply 364

The New York Times Games Wordle is back today with one of the most challenging five letter words for players to solve.

Word has a word of the day that will be incredibly challenging for many players. There are several things that make this particular answer quite difficult, so many players may need a hint or two or the full answer.

How to play wordle

Word is an easy to play but difficult to master game that is browser based. Players can visit the website once a day and try their luck with the mystery five-letter word. Here is more information on how to play:

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The popularity of Word it has produced several niche clones and copycats, but the original is still up on the New York Times Games website. While there are tons of other words, this article will be all about the original. So all the hints, answers, and rules here will be about the NYT Games version.

  • First, go to the site.
  • Pick a good start Word word. It must have five letters and a real English word.
  • Type the chosen word on the site and press enter.
  • The letters will change color to give players some clues.
  • The green letters are correct. The gray letters are wrong. The yellow letters are fine but in the wrong place in the word.
  • Given these clues, players must guess the answer within the allotted six tries.
  • The puzzles reset every day at 12:00 am local time.

There are a ton of different stats players can get if they use the same device and browser every day. These statistics can be found in the Word menu. This menu appears each time a puzzle is completed or when the player clicks the graph icon in the upper right corner. Statistics include:

  • guess distribution
  • Streak
  • total wins in Word
  • Total puzzles played

Suggestions for Wordle 364 for June 18, 2022

For anyone who needs multiple clues to solve today’s puzzle without losing their Word winning streak, here are some clues without revealing the full answer.

  • from today Word word is one of those weird five-letter words that contains three vowels.
  • This five-letter word ends in AO.
  • Contains two sets of duplicate letters.
  • This noun is a word used to describe a certain type of food.
  • This word also contains at least one C.

Answer for Wordle 364 for June 18, 2022

I still need the full answer to today’s. Word? Check the spoiler below the image.

the answer to Word puzzle 364 is COCOA.

Word It is available for any browser.

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Font: Word, Reddit


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