Neon White – All Episodes 1: Rebirth Shortcut Location

Neon White - All Episodes 1: Rebirth Shortcut Location

neon whiteThe first episode of is pretty much just a great tutorial. That said, you may be surprised to find that these tutorial levels are far from easy to complete in good time. Fortunately, Neon White is packed with little shortcuts that will make your life easier while trying to get those quick runs.

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Of course, you could shave seconds off your best runs and work your way up to unlock the level tracks. Those clues will tell you exactly where those juicy shortcuts are. But why bother with all that when we can tell you the fastest routes from the start? If you are looking to get those platinum medals then this is the guide for you.



There are two shortcuts here. The first thing you need to do is jump over the railing at the beginning of the stage. Ahead there will be a small tunnel that will take you to the next area.

From here stay in the water as long as you can as it will help you move faster.

Don’t go up the platforms, stay in the water and follow the path under the stairs, when you see a stack of crates. Jump on those boxes and you should be right at the end of the stage.


There are two shortcuts in this level. The first one (which the hint will show you) has you jump to the lonely column at the beginning of the stage and jump to where the Assault Rifle cards are.

Then after taking out the enemy balloons, all you need to do is use your discard power for the assault rifle to plant a bomb and then jump. The explosion will propel you through the gap. leading to a fast completion time. Just make sure you’re in the air before the explosion goes off or you won’t be able to cross the space.

When taking out enemy balloons, use one of your assault rifle’s discards to plant a bomb on the center demon of the group instead of targeting them individually. This will cleanly take care of the whole group and save you a few seconds.


This shortcut is quite simple. At the beginning of the stage, there will be a balloon type enemy (it is the second demon you will encounter). All you need to do is jump on them and they will propel you to the end of the stage. However, there is still a little trick to have a good time. You skipped most of the stage, but this means you’ll miss out on two enemies you normally would have encountered.

One will be to your left once you get to the top, the other, you should be able to shoot with relative ease. The other will be on your right. In fact, you will have a very good opportunity to see them from the exit of the stage. You will probably have to try several times before you can get your platinum medal.

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The shortcut will be to your immediate right once you jump onto the raised platform at the start of the level (i.e. immediately after using your first discard ability to use the “elevated” double jump).

However, before you jump across the gap (avoiding the middle of the stage), you must take out the demon below you and to your left. Then, after clearing the gap, continue the stage as you normally would.


This is a really minor shortcut. While you would normally take out the first two demons and jump through the gap where the gun card levitates, instead, you’ll take out the two enemies and jump across the gap to your left. You’re basically turning the corner here. In total, this shortcut will probably save you about a second. Although, to be fair, this is a very short stage, so it’s not insubstantial.


Play through the level as you normally would. However, after purchasing your first card, don’t jump the gap. Instead, take out the demon from afar and jump to your left under the arch. Use your double jump to jump to the first in line of balloon demons.. Then continue the stage as you normally would. This will take seconds off your score.

One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have spare cards here. So you must eliminate that demon through the gap without completely depleting your gun card (since you will need to use the discard ability). This can be one of those times when you better take a second to line up your shots.


This is a tricky skill-based shortcut. When you see the first group of enemies bunched up on the left, you’re not going to use your discard ability to blow them up right away. Instead, you want to get close to them. Take the second assault rifle card.

Now use your discard ability to plant the bomb at your feet, next to the group, and jump. This will propel you across the stage.. While you’re in the air, he shoots the loan demon. Then once you reach the stage exit, use your discard ability to blow up the final group.

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For starters, instead of using the first assault rifle card to jump to the next level, grab it and travel to your left. Travel along the water until you see a platform low enough for you to hit with a bomb jump. Then, use the discard ability to do a bomb jump to the bottom ledge. This is quite a jump.

Another shortcut that the hints won’t actually point out is that you can use the bomb jump to jump from one floating red platform to the other. This will take another second of your time.

Fast Track

In this stage, you will use the assault rifle card to shoot individual enemies and the discard ability to blow up groups of them. The shortcut is at the end of the stage. Just before you reach the balloon demons, you will get a pistol card. Soon after, you’ll get another Assault Rifle card (automatically shuffling your sidearm to the back of your deck).

Use that Assault Rifle card to immediately blast the group, then instead of looping around the final part using the stairs, use your remaining card to double-jump towards the level’s exit. It’s so obvious that you’ll probably miss it without the hint icon.

glass port

This shortcut is super easy and saves a lot of time. Right where the treasure chest is on the stage, look to your left. There is a small waterfall. You can use your assault rifle’s discard ability to do a bomb jump and clear the waterfall. This skips multiple platforming sections and can save you up to ten seconds. Just make sure you kill the yellow demon right after the treasure chest before you continue.

At the end of the stage, you can also use a bomb jump to kill the last group of enemies and reach the stage exit. However, there’s also a single enemy to the side just beyond that group, so make sure you kill him before you do this (since you don’t have a clear shot from the exit).

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